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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Lauren Patten Opens Up About Leaving the Show

by Leanne Stahulak
Pictured: Lauren Patten as Officer Rachel Witten Photo: Best Possible Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“Blue Bloods” fans said goodbye to star Lauren Patten’s character Officer Rachel Witten. She exited the show (for now) during last Friday’s episode.

Why did Witten have to go? Primarily, because Patten had to. The actress is also heavily involved in Broadway, even recently winning a Tony Award. Patten won the award for her performance in “Jagged Little Pill,” which is returning to theaters soon. Now that theaters are reopening, Patten will have many more shows to perform and less time to spend filming “Blue Bloods.”

The show writers knew and expected this. They set up Witten’s storyline so we could see her departure as less of a surprise. In the premiere episode of Season 12, Witten saved a woman from being assaulted in the park. But instead of thanking her, the victim spat in Witten’s face instead. The officer indicated even then that she’s tired of the treatment she receives as a police officer.

Witten officially quit on “Blue Bloods” Episode 4 last Friday (Oct. 22). Bur Police Commissioner Frank Reagan did tell her that she should consider coming back in a year, leaving room for Patten to return to the show. So don’t lose hope yet, Outsiders.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Lauren Patten Pens Her Goodbye to the Show

Earlier this week, “Blue Bloods” star Lauren Patten posted her goodbye with the cast and crew on her Instagram page. She shared a heartwarming video of co-star Vanessa Ray hugging her tightly in what looks like a locker or break room. Ray and Patten’s characters worked as partners together on the show, drawing the two actresses close together.

While Ray hugged Patten, someone else in the room said, “Come on in, everybody. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very, very special goodbye to somebody we have loved, loved, loved to have with us. Everybody, give it up for Lauren Patten.”

Patten continues smiling and hugging Ray as applause sounds throughout the room. She also shared a second photo in the post of her and co-star Tom Selleck.

“Last night on @bluebloods_cbs, Witten said goodbye,” Patten wrote in her caption. “I have loved every minute of being @vrayskull’s partner, and I’m so grateful for your friendship. ❤️ Thank you to this incredible cast and crew for making every day at work a joy. May this only be goodbye for now… #bluebloods.”

Patten may hate to say goodbye, but she also has exciting things in store on the Broadway stage. Before posting about “Blue Bloods” wrapping up, the actress also shared a snippet of theater news.

“Arriving at a huge, heart-bursting, overwhelming moment. Reopening @jaggedlittlepill after so many months of theatre being dark,” Patten said in her caption. “Taking this moment to put my hand over my heart and breathe. It has been a journey, and it will continue to be. We made it here, and I’m grateful for every step of it. To our cast + crew – congratulations, and welcome back to the stage. I am deeply proud of you.”