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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Celebrates Daughter with Cute Unicorn Photo

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Mireya Acierto/FilmMagic)

Daughter’s Day might have already passed, but Blue Bloods star Marisa Ramirez doesn’t care – she’s going to celebrate her little girl anyway. Five-year-old Violet Rae is the center of the actress’ world and she’s more than happy to share their sweet moments together with fans.

Dressed in a stunning blue top and adorning bright red lipstick, the Blue Bloods detective smiles brightly beside her mini-me. Meanwhile, Violet shows off her own fashion sense with a unicorn headband, pink, cat-covered dress and beaded bracelet. In her hand, Ramirez’s daughter presented an orange and black spider, demonstrating that the two are more than ready for the spooky season to begin.

In her caption, the Blue Bloods star expressed just how special her daughter is to her.

“#daughtersday which may have been yesterday or the day before,” Ramirez wrote. “Love my little unicorn. So proud of this compassionate, sweet and sometimes spicy, sparkle in my eye. My heart is so full. The laughter is so pure. #momlife #readyforfall #grateful #sillyheart.”

In the comments, fans pointed out the likeness between the mother and daughter. Several called the two twins, as Violet seemed to share her mother’s nose, smile and sense of humor.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Shares Terrifying Moment When Daughter Was Rushed to ER

While the Blue Bloods star and her daughter were all giggles in their most recent photo, just over a week ago, Ramirez shared a much more distressing moment on Instagram. On the evening of September 15, Ramirez’s 44th birthday, she rushed her five-year-old to the emergency room for severe food poisoning or stomach bug. According to the concerned mother, Violet had “vomited for over 12 hours and at one point became limp. Her poor little body could not keep anything down.”

Terrified over her daughter’s worsening condition, she called Violet’s father to join her in the hospital while she received treatment. Of course, there wasn’t much the Blue Bloods star could do besides stay by her daughter’s bedside.

“I felt helpless but surprisingly found strength to support her and not scare her,” she stated. “Every possibility went through my mind and I started to drive myself crazy but something told me she was going to be ok.”

Thankfully, Violet eventually recovered and regained her strength through her treatment at the hospital. Throughout the experience, the Blue Bloods star remembered “how precious life is” and how lucky she is in general.

Ramirez shared the frightful story in the caption of an old photo of herself from possibly her ninth birthday. In the photo, the future Blue Bloods star stood in a pink T-shirt and held a purple dinosaur pinata.

“I still love pinatas!” Ramirez added.

Read the full story from her daughter’s trip to the ER in the caption below.