‘Blue Bloods’ Star Marisa Ramirez Said Her First Family Dinner Scene Was ‘Very Emotional’

by Matthew Wilson

Fans know “Blue Bloods” for its family dinners. All of the Reagans sit around the dinner table and discuss the events of the episode. It’s the reason that the show is more family drama than crime procedural. But those scenes are usually reserved for just the Reagans and the actors who play them.

Take Marisa Ramirez for instance. The actor had starred on the police drama for eight seasons without attending one of the coveted dinners. But that all changed in Season 11. “Blue Bloods” finally let Ramirez’s character Maria Baez come to dinner.

“That was so crazy. Donnie has been pushing for it for a long time for Maria Baez to come to dinner,” she told Pop Culture. “It’s eight years I’ve been there now, and it was actually very emotional for me on so many levels, which I didn’t share with anyone at the time.”

Coming off a global pandemic, Ramirez felt a little paranoid being that close to other people sans masks. But she quickly got caught up in the scene and the experience. It was especially emotional for her because her grandmother passed away a few weeks prior. Ramirez’s grandmother was a big fan of “Blue Bloods” and actor Tom Selleck.

“I kept thinking about her while I was there. And it almost made me feel more comfortable and calm, and just was able to really take in the surroundings and the warmth and the fact that they welcomed me there. But again, the fact that she wasn’t going to be seeing that episode, it was touching a rough spot in my heart.”

Marisa Ramirez On ‘Blue Bloods’

Move over Donnie Wahlberg. Back when she first joined the show, Marisa Ramirez was the new kid on the block. The actor revealed that she joined the show in an initial guest role. Ramirez thought she would just film one episode of “Blue Bloods” before continuing her search for more TV roles.

“And now it’s been eight years and we’ve developed relationships. And created memories both on and away from the set, and with the crew. Just so much has happened and we’ve all grown up so much since then too,” said Ramirez. “But, you know, I wasn’t investing too much because I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to do one episode and then I’m going to go back to L.A. for pilot season.’”

But that one episode ended up being the gift that kept on coming. Ramirez’s one episode quickly turned into many episodes as a result. And the actor has been part of the “Blue Bloods” family ever since.

“And it just kind of turned into something more. I stayed for another episode and then another episode. And then I moved here,” Ramirez said.