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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Once Appeared in a Major Blockbuster

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

“Blue Bloods” fans, assemble. Turns out one of the cops on the hit CBS show also made an appearance in Marvel’s 2012 hit, “The Avengers.”

The cop in question is Lieutenant Sidney “Sid” Gormley, according to Looper. Played by Robert Clohessy, Gormley serves as Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) right-hand man. He’s starred in 181 episodes of “Blue Bloods” across all 12 seasons.

But back in 2012, he took a short break from the show to make a cameo on Marvel’s first great crossover film. During the film, a group of aliens called the Chitauri, led by Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, attack New York. The Avengers step up to defend it, alongside the men and women in blue.

Clohessy stars as an NYPD sergeant in the film who’s struggling to find a way to stop the Chitauri. Enter Captain America, who lands on a cop car in front of the “Blue Bloods” star’s character and starts issuing orders.

“Why the hell should I take orders from you?” Clohessy’s sergeant says with indignation.

Suddenly, a car explodes in front of them, and a group of Chitauri attack Cap. He dispatches them easily, taking out one right after another. At the end of the fight, Clohessy’s character turns away and starts issuing orders of his own. They’re the exact same as Cap’s, spoken with complete seriousness.

It’s one of the funnier moments in the film, showing a nice slice of humor in the otherwise action-packed film. The “Blue Bloods” star is absolutely perfect for the few lines, conveying all the fear yet dedication of a person in that position.

Check out the hilarious clip for yourself in the video below. Recognize Clohessy?

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Abigail Hawk Takes a Break From Social Media

While Clohessy spent his free time off the “Blue Bloods” set starring in Marvel films, Abigail Hawk decided to catch up on her reading. To help her do that, she decided to take a brief hiatus from social media for a while.

At first, Hawk announced her hiatus with a slightly vague message on Instagram. She posted a series of nature photos, featuring a frozen-over pond and graffitied bridge. The initial message read, “Consider this my ‘away’ message. Be back soon, promise.”

Many “Blue Bloods” fans worried if something was wrong with Hawk, that she needed to step away for a while. They expressed their concern in the comments, causing Hawk to go back and add in a clarification.

“Edit to add: All is well! I just need a break from social media. I miss reading books,” Hawk later added. That put many fans at ease.

And really, we all need a break from social media sometimes. It can be easy to get bogged down and stuck scrolling endlessly. We hope the “Blue Bloods” star enjoys her time away.