‘Blue Bloods’ Star Posts Sweet Family Vacation Photos: ‘What a Privilege Time Is’

by Samantha Whidden

Blue Bloods star Abigail Hawk took to her Instagram on Tuesday (July 6th) with a beautiful message about the importance of time with family.

“Family. ‘Vacations’ are anything but these days,” the Blue Bloods star writes in the caption. “But to be together, sharing space, breaking bread, is something to be cherished. What a privilege time is.”

The post features adorable pictures and videos of the Blue Bloods castmate’s family enjoying the much-needed special time together. Abigail is currently taking a break from the Blue Bloods set and has wrapped a few other filming projects that she has been working on. This includes Big Enzo’s Wedding, Couple of Guys, The Only Woman in the World, and Distemper.

Abigail Hawks Reveals ‘Blue Bloods’ Character’s Original Name 

During an interview with Starry Mag earlier this year, Abigail Hawk shares more details about her Blue Bloods character, Abigail Baker.

“She did not have a last name,” Abigail recalls. “She did not have an age [and] she did not even have a gender.”

Abigail explains that the character’s name was originally Mel or Melissa before Tom Selleck decided to change it to Abigail after two or three episodes. 

“Then [Tom] cleared with the lawyers the last name Baker,” Abigail says about her Blue Bloods castmate. “He obviously thought was very important for me to have a last name.”

Abigail says that her character is about five years older than she is, which she considers a challenge to project. She then reveals her character’s role in the series initially. Abigail states, “Tom and I have talked at length that most likely he brought her on as his Assistant to the Commissioner because something happened meritoriously. So, in order for her to receive promotion through the ranks, she would have to do something meritorious.”

Also revealing if she’s ever discussed being involved in the well-known Blue Bloods family dinners.

“We consistently talk about how we will be the last to get invited,” Abigail says. She also thinks Tom Selleck’s character prefers to keep his work and family life separate. “There just hasn’t been a need [to be invited],” Abigail says. “He needs that time with family. Obviously with Maria Baez [Marisa Ramirez] they had that very traumatic moment together.”

How ‘Blue Bloods’ Has Impacted Abigail Hawk’s Life

In regards to her personal takeaway from her time on Blue Bloods, Abigail adds, “It’s changed my life! I went in very green. I had lived in New York for six or seven years.”

Abigail also says she had a “retail survival” job that understood that she was an actor and let her audition on lunch breaks. She also had health insurance and a 401k but didn’t feel fulfilled and wasn’t thriving.

“I went on this audition for a new show. There was nothing remarkable about [my character] and it was supposed to be this one episode, but Tom liked me.”

Blue Bloods is set to return for its 12th season this upcoming fall on CBS.