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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Drops Gorgeous Waterfall Video

by Katie Maloney

“Blue Bloods” actor Sami Gayle is living her best life during her time away from the show. The 12th season of the show isn’t set to air until the end of 2021 so the “Blue Bloods” cast is taking a well-deserved break from show business. However, Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle on the show, isn’t resting. In fact, she’s doing the opposite. She’s adventuring!

Gayle recently posted about a spontaneous trip with her brother. At the last minute, she decided to pack her bags and head to Iceland with her brother. Since then, she’s been sharing moments from the adventure with her fans. Most recently, Gayle shared a gorgeous video of herself walking into a rainbow in front of a waterfall. A rainbow in front of a waterfall! Does it get more stunning than that? It does when you put the “Blue Bloods” star in front of it all.

Along with the video, she wrote, “Somewhere over the rainbow…”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Loves Spontaneity

Sami Gayle recently proclaimed to her fans that she absolutely loves spontaneous adventures. In fact, in the post announcing her trip she wrote, “I love SPONTANEITY. Some of the best moments of my life were born from an impulsive decision…”

We wonder if that’s how she got the audition for her role on “Blue Bloods”? Well, she was pretty young when she landed the role. In fact, she was only 14 years old when she first walked onto the “Blue Bloods” set. So there were probably other spontaneous family members that helped her land the role. But even so, she definitely needed to have an adventurous spirit to be brave enough to act alongside Hollywood greats like Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, and Donnie Wahlberg.

And 11 years later, that adventurous spirit is still going strong. In the same post, Gayle wrote, “When opportunity knocks — if it’s feasible — open the door. You never know what you might find, see and learn.”

She also left fans with a question to ponder. She wrote, “Are you ready to see some beyond incredible mountains, waterfalls, rainbows and more?!!!!!?” The photos she’ve delivered have not disappointed so far. So, we’re certainly ready for some more Icelandic landscapes!

Fans certainly agreed. One fan wrote, “This is perfect and I agree. Open those doors!” Another user replied, “This looks so beautiful. Have a wonderful time with your brother. Thanks for sharing this with us.” Another fan let Gayle know that they are along for the ride. They wrote, “Absolutely ready to see those beyond incredible mountains, waterfalls, rainbows and more! Beautiful!”