‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Drops Stunning New Pic From Scenic Overlook: ‘Another Day, Another Environment-Coordinated Outfit’

by Amy Myers

Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle basically blends in with the background of her recent Instagram photo shot in Iceland. With water almost as blue as the actress’ long-sleeve tee, it’s hard to know what to focus on–Gayle’s stunning pose or the natural beauty of the island nation. As fans patiently wait for Season 12 of Blue Bloods to premiere this fall, they have to live vicariously through the young star’s “spontaneous” travels to other countries.

In her photo, Gayle looks quite comfy in her Lulu Lemon leggings and Scanlan Theodore top. The Blue Bloods actress pairs the outfit with a solid pair of hiking boots, a winter cap with a cute little pom-pom and aviator sunglasses. Gayle stands on top of a sandy-colored rock that overlooks the cerulean waters. Even the sky matches her “environment-coordinated” outfit, as she described in the caption.

In the second photo of the post, Gayle removed herself from the foreground. Instead, she offers her followers. a chance to gaze at the landscape in all of its natural glory. Below the cliff, dark green foliage juts out into the water on the other side of the island. Certainly, with such a busy lifestyle, the Blue Bloods star escaped to Iceland for a well-deserved moment of serenity.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Uses Instagram As Travel Diary

Luckily for fans of Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle, the actress keeps her Instagram followers up to date with her island adventures. Prior to her hike, Gayle posted another photo this morning of her preparation. Dressed in a matching sports bra and leggings, she posed on a treadmill track.

She captioned the effortless photo, “Preparing to hike to a volcano… Stay tuned for the journey,” tacking a volcano emoji to the end. With such a beautiful view at the end, it’s safe to say the destination was worth the effort.

Yesterday, the Blue Bloods actress continued her trend of matching the environment around her with a trip to a Lupine field. Lupines, otherwise known as bluebonnets, tend to be violet- or indigo-colored. While picking a bouquet of her own, Gayle snapped a photo of her outfit as she smiled softly behind the flowers. Her knitted sweater shared the same lavender hue as the tops of the blossoms. Though she claimed it was accidental, Gayle seemed to fit right in with the rest of the plants in the field.

“Didn’t intend for this, but got lucky. Welcome to the Lupine fields of Iceland,” Gayle wrote in her caption.

While the Blue Bloods star continues to explore the gorgeous Icelandic scenery, we hope to see more photos of a relaxed and color-coordinated Sami Gayle.