‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Opened Up About Working With Tom Selleck

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Thomas Concordia/WireImage)

When it comes to Hollywood megastars, you will find “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck at the top of the ladder.

Selleck began with the hit television show “Blue Bloods” over a decade ago, joining the cast in 2010. In the law enforcement drama, Selleck plays New York Police Department Commissioner Frank Reagan. His character is forced to strike a healthy balance between his private and public life, often tasked with difficult decisions. The Hollywood icon plays Reagan to near perfection leaving a positive impression on his fellow “Blue Bloods” castmates.

One of those castmates is young and rising star Sami Gayle, who says she and others adore Tom Selleck. On “Blue Bloods,” Sami Gayle plays Nicky Reagan-Boyle, the granddaughter of Selleck’s Frank Reagan character. In a 2014 interview with CBS New York, Gayle discusses her relationship with her “Blue Bloods” co-star on-screen and off.

“Tom is the best,” Gayle says rather bluntly. “Tom, I feel like you can ask him any question about anything in the entire world and he will have the answer within one second.”

Gayle continued heaping praise on to Selleck, saying the entire “Blue Bloods” cast adores the former “Magnum, P.I.” star. She even suggests Selleck is like family to her and is always encouraging her to do the best she can.

“He is just so encouraging of everything that I do,” she continues. “He is like a real grandfather to me too.”

The now 25-year-old actress also says the entire “Blue Bloods” cast is like a big family with a tight bond between them.

“We have a real familiar bond between all of us on set that is amazing,” Gayle notes.

Like Selleck, Sami Gayle has been with “Blue Bloods” since 2010 and has gained much notoriety from the show. Her character on the show, Nicky Reagan, begins the series as a young and heavily ambitious girl. She wants to take up the “family business” and become a law enforcement officer. In her 2010 inaugural season with “Blue Bloods,” she appears in just one episode. Gayle’s role as Nicky Reagan would continue to evolve after the first season and she became a series regular in season two. In the most recent season, however, Gayle only appears in a single episode as her character has taken a job in San Francisco. The young star actress is also a fashion enthusiast and often uses social media to share her fashion tips.

One of the most beloved actors of the last half-century, Tom Selleck has had an excellent run as Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods.” Some of his other starring roles include “Three Men and a Baby” and “Magnum P.I.”

The 76-year-old actor is also a California Army National Guard Veteran and has wracked numerous awards for his work on screen.