‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Posts Stunning Video from Denali National Park

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for National Geographic)

On Monday, Blue Bloods star Sami Gayle posted a breathtaking clip from her adventures in Alaska this week for her thousands of fans and followers on Instagram.

Once again, Gayle caught the travel bug recently and ventured far from the set of her hit TV show. The 25-year-old actress hopped on a plane and traveled to the most northern state in our country.

During the visit to Alaska, she made sure to get out into nature and didn’t just sit around a fancy resort while in town. That’s something we here at Outsider can appreciate. And trust us, we all wish we were taking in the same views as Gayle during her trip.

The Blue Bloods star spent time in Denali National Park in recent days, and the scenery is as picturesque as one might imagine. In a short video presumably shot from her phone, Gayle shows off the epic views that the national park has to offer.

As shared with her more than 45,000 Instagram followers, Gayle is near the edge of a partially frozen river. Chunks of ice flow downstream as the TV star takes in towering snow-covered mountains all around her. A strong wind can be heard in the video, and the area looks chilly as can be, but there’s no beating that view. We’re sure Gayle took it in and won’t forget Alaska’s amazing landscapes anytime soon.

“Wishing you a great week from near Denali National Park,” the Blue Bloods actress wrote on Instagram.

‘Blue Blood’ Actress Explains Her Love of ‘Spontaneity’ After Summer Trip to Iceland

Sami Gayle’s most recent getaway brings us back to her spontaneous summer trip to Iceland. The young actress joined her brother and his friend at the last second during time off from shooting Blue Bloods.

During her travels, she posted multiple times showing off all the natural beauty of her Icelandic surroundings. She must really enjoy snow-capped mountains since she made sure to visit them in July while overseas as well. Gayle also explained how much she enjoys being spontaneous whenever she can. In a separate post, she shared further details about her adventures in Iceland.

“I love SPONTANEITY,” she wrote in the post. “Some of the best moments of my life were born from an impulsive decision — a last minute trip, an instinct to go somewhere I otherwise would not, etc.”

“When opportunity knocks — if it’s feasible — open the door. You never know what you might find, see and learn. Are you ready to see some beyond incredible mountains, waterfalls, rainbows and more?!!!!!?” she asked as she ended her post.