‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Shows Off Golf Swing, ‘On-Point’ Outfit in New Clip

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The arrow is pointing up for young “Blue Bloods” star Sami Gayle as she continues to garner more and more attention in Hollywood.

Her golf game though…well, it could use a little work.

The “Blue Bloods” star has a large social media following and she loves to share her latest adventures with her fans. In one of her most recent outings, Gayle took a trip to the driving range to work on her golf swing. Despite a not-so-great first swing, Gayle still shared her golf out with her social media followers. While improvements can be made to her swing, the young actress’s sense of style is on point as usual. Gayle often uses social media to share fashion tips, but on Thursday it was time for a little change-up.

“Swing meh,” she writes in the Instagram post’s caption space. “Outfit on point.”

The “Blue Bloods” star’s first swing doesn’t go over so well as she completely whiffs, failing to make contact with the ball. She laughs it off, however, and smirks at the camera as if to say “I meant to do that.” Her second shot is much better as club meets ball for a nice looking drive. Gayle appears proud of herself after making contact on her second attempt.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress is a Rising Star

Several of Gayle’s social media followers got a good laugh out of the video and a few even offer some golfing tips. Practice does make perfect after all, but it remains to be seen if she will continue to pursue the leisurely game.

Sami Gayle has transformed into a star before our very eyes as she continues gaining notoriety for her role on “Blue Bloods.” She has been with the show since the beginning, becoming a cast member in 2010. On the show, she plays the young and ambitious Nicky Reagan, who aspires to become a police officer. She considers law enforcement to be the “family business” and desires to carry on in her family’s footsteps. In the show’s first season, Gayle only makes a single appearance. Her role would begin to grow in season two of “Blue Bloods” as she becomes a series regular. In the most recent season, Reagan takes a new job in another state and only appears once.

In addition to her on-screen work, the “Blue Bloods” star is also known as a fashion guru. She often uses social media to show off her own style and encourage others to do the same. In a recent social media post, she proclaims fashion to be the ultimate expression of individuality.

“Something I’m sure you’ve noticed is that I love fashion,” she says in the post. “For me, it’s a way to express our individuality.”