‘Blue Bloods’ Star Sami Gayle Stuns in Gorgeous Gown in New Pics: ‘An Amazing Evening’

by Megan Molseed

Sami Gayle looks stunning as she raves about an amazing evening. The “Blue Bloods” star shared a photo of herself in a Sunday morning Instagram post.

Looking gorgeous as usual, the “Blue Bloods” star is dressed in an ankle-length dress. The sleeveless number features a few shades of green in a unique pattern. In the photo, Sami Gayle is also sporting a green bag, which matches perfectly with the gorgeous gown.

“About last night… Thank you, @bourbonsteakmia, for an amazing evening!” the actress wrote on the post. We know the actress’s style is spot-on, and this dinner outfit doesn’t disappoint.

“The Blue Bloods” actress seems to always have a knack for creating the right look. From fun and kicky outfits to breathtaking formal looks, Sami Gayle brings a sense of style wherever she goes. In fact, the “Blue Bloods” actress has spoken out about this knack that she has. In a June 27 Insta post, Gayle shared her secret behind picking out her look each morning.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Has a Unique Fashion Plan

“Some match their bags to their outfits…I match mine to my surroundings,” the “Blue Bloods” actress writes in the June Instagram post. “I love you, New York! Sincerely Sami.”

The “Blue Bloods” actress is sporting a kicky denim romper in the coinciding photo. A pair of comfortable slide sandals and a casual up-do adds to the look. The ensemble is topped off with one recognizable accessory: the same green bag she was sporting in the recent Insta pic. This is part of what makes the actress’s style so great. She is always trendy – but there is usually a type of practicality to the actress’s enviable style.

And, we are all anxiously awaiting the news regarding whether or not we will be seeing more of this style as “Blue Bloods” prepares for its twelfth season premiere.

Sami Gayle portrays Nicky Reagan on the hit CBS series “Blue Bloods.” Nicky is the daughter of Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan).

In the hit television series, Gayle portrays Nicky Reagan, as a young and ambitious girl. Initially, Nicky wants who wants to follow in her family’s footsteps and become a cop. While the character only showed up in one episode of the hit show’s initial season, she has since become a series regular.

In season ten, “Blue Bloods” gave fans a shock when Nicky announced that she will be traveling across the country to pursue a career entirely unrelated to law enforcement. Since that announcement, Gayle was only featured on one episode during the “Blue Bloods” eleventh season.