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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa Celebrates Major Social Media Milestone in Hilariously Tasteful Video

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

“Blue Bloods” star Steve Schirripa just reached a huge Instagram milestone, and he decided to celebrate in style.

The actor, best known as Anthony Abetmarco on “Blue Bloods” or Bobby Bacala on “The Sopranos,” celebrated his 100,000 followers in true Italian-American New Yorker fashion. He hit up Faicco’s Italian Specialties and bought enough salami, prosciutto, and various other meats to spell out 100k on a charcuterie board.

We see that meaty 100k in a hilarious and sweet video that Schirripa posted to his Instagram page. He sits at the table with his dachshund, Willie Boy, the meat in front of him. Willie Boy and the “Blue Bloods” star even wear matching hats, the dog’s a Coppola cap and Schirripa’s a train hat.

“Hey everybody! Me and Willie Boy’d like to thank you for one hundred thousand Instagram followers,” Schrripa says in the video. He points enthusiastically at the meaty 100k as he says the number.

Then Schirripa says, “We love you!” while throwing up a peace sign. He turns to Willie Boy and taps his shoulder before pointing at the camera. “Tell ’em you love ’em,” the “Blue Bloods” star encourages the dog.

While Willie Boy looks at the camera, Schirripa sneaks a piece of meat from the 100k spelled out on the table. He thanks everyone again before chomping down on the slice. Willie Boy whips his head around and tracks the meat to Schirripa’s mouth, giving him a sweet lick as he swallows it.

But Willie Boy won’t have to worry about missing out, because Schirripa mentioned in his caption that they “Gotta Go Eat This From @faiccosnyc !!!”

Keep Up With ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa’s Adorable Weiner Dog on Instagram

When the “Blue Bloods” star isn’t kicking butt for the District Attorney’s Office as Abetmarco, he runs a podcast called “Talking Sopranos.” And apparently, Willie Boy likes to be present whenever they tape the show.

We see several adorable pics of Schirripa and Willie Boy on the actor’s own Instagram page. But did you know you can see the dachshund in action on his own page?

Willie the Weenie of Wall Street boasts an impressive 4.2k followers. And that’s no surprise, given how darn cute he looks in all these pictures and videos. We see him at the beach, at the park, riding in the car. And almost always, the “Blue Bloods” star has Willie Boy dressed up in some cute outfit or another. He rocks everything from bow ties to beach hats to sweaters to podcaster headphones. Check them out for yourself below!