‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Believes It’s Important to Show Character ‘Flaws’: Here’s Why

by Matthew Wilson

Tom Selleck has added to his impressive career by starring on the hit series “Blue Bloods.” Frank Reagan has been one of his more realized characters. That’s in part to character flaws.

During an interview with 2017, Selleck discussed why he’s a fan of playing a flawed character. As an actor, it helps give him material to play off of. After all, no one wants to play a perfect person. That would quickly get boring. And dramas thrive within imperfections.

“All actors that I know, that I like working with, love them,” Selleck said. “No matter how good their character may be. That’s a result on the audience. They have their moments. Every Reagan has had their turn in the box being out of line. I think that’s really valuable for the audience. Because none of us are perfect. I think people relate to them more. Frank certainly has a lot of things going on. But I love him dearly.”

And fans would have to agree. One of the reasons that “Blue Bloods” has been the success that it has been is in part thanks to these flaws. The Reagans feel like a real family instead of a group of TV characters. While they’re not always perfect, they are always entertaining. And usually, they have their hearts in the right place.

Donnie Wahlberg Embraces ‘Blue Bloods’ Role

“Blue Bloods” isn’t the kind of show that allows for much vanity. Donnie Wahlberg embraced his own character flaws to play the part of Danny Reagan. It’s a role that Wahlberg has been preparing for most of his career.

“I believe with acting, you play a role when you’re ready to play it,” Wahlberg said. “With actors, we think we’re right for every part we audition for. I can play this part of this 80-year-old guy, I know I can. I don’t have any hair, I know it can work. But you’re not ready until you get the part that you’re ready to be.”

Initially, Wahlberg wanted audiences to like him as an actor. He went after characters that he thought the audience would root for. But he quickly learned that acting was different than being the frontman for New Kids on the Block.

“I wouldn’t have been able to play that role 10 years ago, I played a cop on a cop show before, I always wanted to be right and the audience to like me,” Wahlberg said. “I think I’ve been around long enough to really trust the character and what’s on the page.”