‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Has Hilarious Advice for Growing a Mustache

by Matthew Wilson

“Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck certainly knows how to rock a mustache. The actor has had his signature facial hair for most of his career. In fact, the mustache has helped turn him into both a sex symbol and the source of envy for many men.

Many guys would like to know how to grow and groom a mustache like Selleck’s. Fortunately, Selleck once opened up in 2014 about how to grow a mustache like his. Unfortunately, most people probably won’t like his advice. He revealed his hilarious wisdom to People Magazine.

“Go through puberty. Very important,” he told the outlet. “I don’t know, I know guys… Ashton Kutcher told me — I did a movie with him, I played his father-in-law — and he was joking; he said, ‘I can’t grow one.’ Part of that’s genetic. You either got it or you don’t.”

Well, Selleck certainly has it. In fact, many view him and Sam Elliott as the godfathers of the mustaches. They helped to popularize the facial hair in Hollywood. Over the years, they’ve maintained the mustache as trends faded and grew.

“It’s coming back again, isn’t it? It was out,” Selleck said in 2014. But in regards to Selleck, the mustache never went out of style.

Tom Selleck Considered Shaving The Mustache

Well these days, Tom Selleck stars on “Blue Bloods” in his very successful role as Frank Reagan. For the part, Selleck considered shaving his mustache. It may be blasphemy for some. But Selleck wanted to look authentic in the role.

“The director said, ‘Maybe you ought to play this guy without a mustache.’ I said sure, I was born that way. I do work without it … but Leonard Goldberg who created the show, basically, said well let me check with CBS. The word came down to Tom has a mustache,” Selleck said.

But CBS vetoed the idea. Likewise, Selleck did some research of his own and learned that police commissioners can keep mustaches. So, viewers didn’t have to watch 11 seasons of Selleck without his signature facial hair. But it wouldn’t be the first time that Selleck shaved for a part. In fact, the actor doesn’t seem to mind parting with it.

“Most of the time I got hired they said the mustache is okay, but you gotta shave it off for the job. I was born without it and I’m prepared to work without it,” Selleck said. Still, many fans know Tom Selleck for his facial hair.