‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck and ‘NCIS’ Actor Mark Harmon Once Starred in a Western Together: Everything to Know

by Katie Maloney

What happens when Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon, two iconic crime drama actors come together?

Western magic, that’s what happens. And that’s exactly what happened when “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck co-starred with “NCIS” star Mark Harmon in the 2001 movie “Crossfire Trail.” Today, Mark Harmon investigates crimes related to the U.S. Navy on “NCIS.” And Tom Selleck overseas a group of officers as the NYPD Police Commissioner in “Blue Bloods.”

But 20 years ago, they faced off in a fight for a Wyoming ranch. During “Crossfire Trail,” Selleck plays Rafe Covington who promises his dying friend that he’ll take care of the man’s wife and 40,000-acre ranch in Wyoming. First, Selleck avenges his friend by beating up the man who killed him. Then he heads off to Wyoming to find his friend’s wife, Anne.

When Rafe arrives, he finds Anne already in mourning after someone mistakenly told her that her husband died over a year ago. Rafe also meets the movie’s villain, Bruce Barkow, played by Mark Harmon. Bruce has his sights set on Anne but not because he loves her. Instead, he plans to make her his wife and steal her ranch. But Rafe isn’t having any of it. Obviously, the two spend the movie fighting it out in true wild west fashion.

Can You Spot These Two Strange Details In ‘Crossfire Trail’

There are only two strange things about the movie. The first is watching Mark Harmon play a bad guy. After 18 seasons of seeing him play good guy Gibbs on “NCIS” it’s strange to seem on the other side of the fight. The second strange thing about the movie is a little less obvious. But eagle-eyed viewers will definitely notice. For no known reason, halfway through the movie, Tom Selleck’s character changes both his holster and his sidearm. He starts the film carrying a Smith & Wesson top-break revolver worn on his right hip. However, later in the movie, he’s carrying an ivory-handled Colt in a cross-draw holster on his left hip. No explanations are provided.

Regardless, watching Tom Selleck bring justice to a small Wyoming town is quite satisfying. If you’re a western fan, definitely check out “Crossfire Trail.”

Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon in “Crossfire Trail”

Tom Selleck Kept The Horse He Worked With During One Of His Western Movies

Once a person bonds with a horse, it’s hard to separate them. That was certainly the case for Tom Selleck and Spike, his horse from the 1990 movie, “Quigley Down Under.” After working together on the film, the two reunited seven years later for the movie “Last Stand at Saber River.” After that, the two’s bond was set. In fact, the production team for “Quickly” recognized just how much Selleck and Spike bonded. So, they gave Spike to Selleck as a gift. Spike spent the next 30 years living on Selleck’s own personal ranch. During a recent interview, Selleck’s former stuntman, Walter Scott, talked about the care that Selleck put into working with his horse.

“Tom’s always such a stickler for having the right saddle, the right gun, the right horse,” said Scott.