‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Repeats Catchphrase From One of His Most Famous Movie Characters

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc for Variety Magazine

Tom Selleck has had several iconic characters over his career. Just ask Thomas Magnum and iconic Hawaiian shirt and mustache combo. These days Selleck plays one of the baddest grandpas around as Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods.”

But Selleck is also fond of the police chief Jesse Stone as well. In fact, it’s a character he’s often returned to throughout his career. Starting in 2005, Selleck starred in a total of nine films in the series. And his love for the character has extended into other projects. For instance, Selleck’s Frank Reagan and Jesse Stone share a common catchphrase.

According to IMDb, Reagan often says “I’m the Police Commissioner. I know everything” in the “Blue Bloods” series. But that catchphrase actually started in the “Jesse Stone” films. Jesse Stone would say, “I’m the Police Chief. I know everything.”

Tom Selleck on ‘Jesse Stone’ and ‘Blue Bloods’

In a 2015 interview with AV Club, Selleck discussed his two big projects and why he’s a fan of the Jesse Stone character. For Selleck, it began with the novel series. The actor started reading the “Jesse Stone” books and instantly became hooked. He realized he had to play the character.

“I became a fan of the books as soon as I read one,” Selleck said. “My (executive production) partner, Michael Brandman, was friends with Robert Parker. I knew Bob a little bit. He helped us out with some dialogue, because he loved westerns, and I did the movie ‘Monte Walsh,’ among others. But Michael said, ‘You’ve got to read this!’ And I read it, and I said, ‘I’ve got to play this guy!'”

Meanwhile, Selleck also turned his lens to the success that “Blue Bloods” has had. Back then the show was on its sixth season. It’s since finished Season 11 and with another on the way. Frank Reagan proved to be one of Selleck’s most successful creations.

“It’s everything and more, but it’s been a long journey,” Selleck said. “I always saw it as a character-driven show, and I saw my character as living in a different world but in the same business as the cops on the street. And as we found that, I think we found the strengths of the show. ‘Blue Bloods’ is doing phenomenal, I’m happy to say; I think it was in USA Today the other day where they called us ‘an unsung success.’ Nobody’s made much of it, but we’re kind of wildly successful.”