‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Says His ‘Marriage Wouldn’t Have Survived’ When He Was Doing ’Magnum P.I.’: Here’s Why

by Quentin Blount

Have you ever wondered how actors balance their work life and their life at home? Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck once gave fans an insight into just that.

Selleck has been a household name for decades. He has starred on the CBS police drama Blue Bloods since 2010. On the show, Selleck portrays Frank Reagan — the Police Commissioner of New York City. The popular show follows Reagan and his family. His son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is a seasoned detective on the force, while his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is the Assistant District Attorney in New York County.

There are currently 11 seasons you can binge-watch. And to make matters even better, Blue Bloods was renewed for a 12 season back in April.

But older fans may remember Tom Selleck from a different role. The 76-year-old actor was the star of Magnum P.I. in the 1980s. He played private investigator Thomas Magnum.

In his mid-30s and still single at the time, Selleck was all work and no play. But after he got married in the final year of the show, he began realizing that his obsessive work habits were having a negative effect on his marriage.

Selleck Talks Balancing Work and Marriage

In a 2017 BUILD Series interview, Selleck spoke about the kinds of things he pursued after his time was over on Magnum P.I. Although he did go on to have an incredibly successful movie career, he says that one of his main areas of focus was spending more time at home.

“I married in my last year of ‘Magnum’ to my wife Jilly,” Selleck explained. “I don’t think with the work I was doing on ‘Magnum’ for all those years that our marriage could probably survive. So, I made some serious commitments to stay home a little more.”

The Blue Bloods star admits that as an actor, it can be challenging at times to turn down new roles.

“Out of work actors, when they do get work, you don’t want to turn anything down,” he said. “And that’s almost a disease. You say, ‘Well, I gotta do this. And I gotta do that.’ And eventually you realize you are not spending any time at home.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Appreciates Good Chemistry at Home and On Set

Tom Selleck is a very smart man. He knows when his marriage needs more attention and he knows when there is bad energy on the set of a movie or TV show.

There is no doubt that Selleck has been around the block a time or two. So, he knows exactly what good chemistry looks like. He spoke during the BUILD Series interview about how appreciative he is to work with his current cast and crew on Blue Bloods and not feel like he’s “walking on eggshells.”

“On ‘Blue Bloods’ and on ‘Magnum’, we have got a bunch of people who have said that to themselves and come to work with a happy face on. So, it’s a joy,” Selleck said.