‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Starred Alongside Another Classic TV Star in ‘Three Men and a Baby’

by Jennifer Shea

Before he starred in “Blue Bloods,” Tom Selleck starred in movies. And one of his biggest hits as a movie star was the 1987 film “Three Men and a Baby.”

But the “Magnum P.I.” actor was not the only classic TV star to appear in that movie. Ted Danson of “Cheers” starred alongside Selleck.

In the movie, Selleck plays the serious architect Peter to Danson’s wacky, vain actor Jack. Steve Guttenberg also starred in the movie as their cartoonist roommate Michael.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Joined Forces With Ted Danson

The film had a sequel, “Three Men and a Little Lady,” which was not quite the box office smash that its predecessor was. “Three Men and a Baby” was the number one movie of 1987.

For his part, Danson is apparently a big fan of the “Blue Bloods” star’s work. In a 2018 appearance on “Inside the Actors Studio,” he talked about the dynamic between himself and Selleck in “Three Men and a Baby.”

“What I did notice when we started was Tom Selleck – who’s just like this magnificent specimen, a specimen of a man – I mean, he was amazing,” Danson said. “And I went, ‘Okay, he’s the leading man. I’ll play the leading lady.’ So I played this slightly full of himself… There’s this one moment where I have this blossomy-sleeved kind of thing, you know… and I found myself doing this [adjusts shirt] in the middle of the scene. So naturally, just arranging my blouse. And I thought, ‘Yeah. I’m playing the leading lady here.’”  

Danson’s Jack was actually the biological father of the infant in the movie. But in the end, it is Selleck’s Peter who steps up to save the baby from drug dealers and to keep the baby’s mother from taking her away from the three of them, who eventually grow quite attached to their tiny charge.

Selleck Wore Genuine Expression in Promotional Photo

In a promotional photo for the movie, Selleck can be seen wearing an exasperated expression and holding the baby propped against his chest, below which is a large wet spot.

“You know, that’s real pee on me,” the “Blue Bloods” star told Jimmy Fallon in a 2017 “Tonight Show” appearance. “Annie Liebowitz took the picture, and you know, she’s great. We’re taking this picture for the poster, and the baby pees all over me. And she says, ‘Don’t change! Don’t change!’ And she just keeps taking pictures.”

“So it’s actually, for once in my life, a genuine expression,” Selleck concluded, to audience laughter.

Watch Selleck share behind-the-scenes stories from the movie here: