‘Blue Bloods’ Star Had Two Real-Life NYPD Detectives Think He Was a Real Cop While Filming Scene

by Katie Maloney

Certainly, the cast of “Blue Bloods” is convincing as New York City police officers.

So convincing, in fact, that a couple of real-life police detectives thought that actor Will Estes was a real police officer. Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan on “Blue Bloods” was filming a scene outside on a New York City street one night when two police detectives approached him. Although they were wearing suits, and not in uniform, Estes immediately recognized them as real police detectives. Estes talked about the hilarious moment during a recent interview.

“We were shooting right near Times Square and these two guys came up and they were wearing suits,” said Estes. “And I knew they were detectives just because I know what a detective in a suit looks like after working on this show.”

But the detectives weren’t the only ones undercover at that moment. Will Estes was too, in a way.

“I was in my uniform and I was standing on the sidewalk,” Estes added. “It’s a real uniform, so anyone would assume I’m a police officer from five feet away.”

And Estes is obviously pretty convincing even when he’s just standing on a sidewalk in a police uniform.

“So one of the detectives starts to ask me about what it is like being on duty while there’s a shoot going on,” said Estes.

However, the other detective wasn’t convinced. In fact, he used his gold ole detective skills to notice that something wasn’t quite right about Estes’ police uniform.

“The other detective stopped him and said, ‘He’s not a real cop,’ and he says ‘What are you talking about?’ and he says ‘The collar brass,” said Estes. “He’s talking about the collar brass on my uniform, which says 12, but there’s no 12th precinct in real life. It’s like a 555 phone number for the movies.”

Will Estes Didn’t Think ‘Blue Bloods’ Would Be So Successful

How many shows do you know of that have left the screens almost as quickly as they debuted? Well, the rapid coming and going of shows is simply the Hollywood way. So, it’s pretty amazing when a show finds success for eleven straight years.”Blue Bloods” is the perfect example of that.

The show premiered in 2010 and was just renewed for its 12th season. Of course, the actors on the show are all grateful for their success now. But, they didn’t all believe that the show would last as long as it has. Will Estes admitted, during a recent interview, that he never thought he’d be a part of the show for 11 seasons.

“No, no I didn’t know,” said Estes. “I don’t think you ever do but, you know, it’s been a great run and it’s been a lot of fun.”