‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Said Joining Dinner Scenes Was ‘Terrifying and Intimidating’

by John Jamison

A seat at the Reagan family dinner table is the hottest ticket in town. It’s a sacred tradition on “Blue Bloods” at this point, and it’s not taken lightly.

Even when members of the family are in the hospital, you better believe they’re teleconferencing in for the meal. With this kind of significance, it’s no wonder Eddie Janko actress Vanessa Ray was intimidated when she sat down at the table for the first time.

Since Season 4, Vanessa Ray has played the role of Jamie Reagan’s partner, Eddie Janko. These days, she’s his partner in more ways than one. The two got married at the end of Season 9. That meant Janko had a permanent place at the Reagan family dinner table all of a sudden.

That’s great news for her character. But for Vanessa Ray, the news came as slightly more daunting. Echoing the same sentiments of her co-star and on-screen husband Will Estes, Ray talked about how scary a prospect the first dinner was in a 2018 interview with WFSB 3.

“Well, it was terrifying and intimidating. But I was glad I had my friend to help walk me through it. Everybody was- I was so nervous about it, you know, because it’s the most iconic part of the show. Right? Because if I come and I screw it up, like I was terrified. If I’m like the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

The “Blue Bloods” star was by no means an inexperienced actress by the time she was invited to the Reagan family dinner. But at any age or level of experience, being thrown into such a significant scene with so many legendary actors is a scary situation. Of course, it’s also a dream come true.

‘Blue Bloods’ was a Dream Come True for Vanessa Ray’s Co-Star Sami Gayle

Sami Gayle’s Nicky Reagan-Boyle is a Reagan by blood. As such, she didn’t marry into the seat at the Reagan family dinner table. That being said, Gayle’s character hasn’t always been as present. She was, after all, a college student for a four-year period. And now, she isn’t nearly as involved with the show as she once was.

But that doesn’t change the 10 years she spent playing the character of Nicky in earnest. And back in 2014, she was still in the relatively beginning stages of her time on the show. And in an interview with CBS New York, Gayle talked about how unbelievable the opportunity was for her.

“I have to pinch myself going into set every single day,” Gayle said. “Everyone on the set is so full of knowledge and just so supportive of me and my career and my education. It’s just a joy to go to [the] set every day.”