‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Said Series Felt Like ‘New Show’ After Her Character Got Engaged: Here’s Why

by Jennifer Shea

On “Blue Bloods,” actress Vanessa Ray plays Eddie Janko, Jamie Reagan’s (Will Estes) fiancée and a fierce cop in her own right. But after Janko and Reagan got engaged, Ray said she felt like her role changed drastically.

According to Ray, she had to figure out how to adapt Janko’s voice to the family dinner scenes. Apparently, they threatened to drown it out. And she had to deal with her character’s husband’s promotion, which changed the dynamics of their relationship.

“In so many ways, I felt like I’m almost on a new show,” Ray said in a 2018 interview with the Rhode Show. “Which is also a pretty cool thing when you’re doing a series for a long time. Because the dynamics have just changed so much. Eddie and Jamie were partners before. Now we’re dealing with him being a superior. Figuring out the family dynamics, where Eddie’s voice fits within this very outspoken, loud, well-loved family, the Reagans. So it’s been a really cool challenge.”

Watch Ray discuss the changes to her “Blue Bloods” role here:

‘Blue Bloods’ Showrunner Shoots Down Prospect of Kids

Ever since the wedding, “Blue Bloods” fans have been wondering: will we see a little Reagan added to the family picture?

However, in an interview with TV Insider earlier this month, showrunner Kevin Wade seemed to wave off the possibility of Janko and Reagan having kids.

“We talk about it sometimes,” Wade told TV Insider. “I think that would be something that would come out of a combination of our fictional lives and their real lives.”

In other words, “Blue Bloods” is likely to focus more on the couple’s work lives than their home life for now. And to the extent it focuses on their home life, that home life will just be the two of them for the time being.

“For now, we’re just gonna play probably Jamie’s promotion,” Wade said. “If they said this show’s going to run for six more years, I’m guessing that Jamie may well be in 1PP before it was over. Not necessarily as commissioner, but he seems like the guy who’s on his way up on that side of things.”

Of course, if Ray were to get pregnant in real life, things could change fast. Sounds like it’s at least partly up to Ray whether Janko and Reagan reproduce.