‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Appeared on a Handful of Classic ’90s Sitcoms as a Kid

by Emily Morgan

As “Blue Bloods” continues its 11th season, it’s safe to say that the show has garnered a huge fan base— in part thanks to its phenomenal cast. One cast member of the popular police drama, Will Estes, has long been a well-known face. However, his time on the screen goes back to the ’90s.

In the show, Frank’s (Tom Selleck) youngest son Jamie (Will Estes), works as a police officer. He changed career paths from law school after his brother, Joe, dies while on duty. After years on the show, Jamie has undoubtedly become a fan favorite.

However, long before fans saw him on “Blue Bloods,” Estes began his acting career going back to the 1980s and has since built an impressive resume as an actor.

Notably, audiences have seen the 43-year-old appear on several popular sitcoms of the ’90s. So, where will you recognize him? In 1993, Estes booked his first significant acting role. He worked Faye Dunaway in “It Had to Be You.” In the show, he plays the son of Dunaway’s character, Laura.

Although the sitcom only lasted six episodes, Estes’ part on the show kick-started his long-winded career. Afterward, he booked roles on a number of other beloved comedy sitcoms, including “Step by Step,” “Boy Meets World,” and “Full House.” In the popular Nickelodeon sitcom, he played Stephanie Tanner’s love interest.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Gets Start on ’90s Sitcoms

In his late teenage years, Estes continued to find work, mostly on sitcoms. He booked gigs in both seasons of “Kirk.”

The show followed a young adult who takes care of his younger siblings after his parents move overseas.

In 1997, he booked his first lead role when he got a starring part on “Meego.” The show followed a quirky alien who lands on Earth and later becomes a nanny to three children who lost their mother. Afterward, Estes’ momentum kept going in his professional career when he landed on other sitcoms like “Kelly Kelly.”

Although he gained invaluable experience from his early work on sitcoms, Estes also credits his time playing a marine to making him become a better actor on “Blue Bloods.”

During an interview, Estes confessed that playing a Marine prepared him for portraying a cop on “Blue Bloods.” “That action kind of transfers over,” he said. Before Blue Bloods, Estes’ was known for starring in the ABC drama “American Dreams” as JJ Pryor. His character was a Marine who fought in Vietnam.

“I know the police force likes the Marines,” he added. “You have to have 60 college credits in order to join the New York police force or have been in the military.”