‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Said His Character Jamie Reagan Getting Promoted On Show Was a ‘Dynamic Changer’

by Clayton Edwards

Television viewers love Blue Bloods. The show does much to make itself stand out in the crowd of police procedurals on the air today. Most of those focus primarily on the police work and the cases. However, Blue Bloods focuses more on the characters and their lives. Those characters just happen to be NYPD officers. More specifically, the series follows the lives of the Reagan family. So far, it has produced 11 seasons over the last 12 years. So, the characters have had plenty of time to grow and develop over time. One stellar example of this character growth is Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes.

Will Estes once said that he and Jamie Reagan grew together over the course of the series. When the series started, he was just learning to be a policeman on television. At the same time, he played a rookie cop on the show. So, he learned the ropes alongside his character. Today, Jamie Reagan is a sergeant. He earned his promotion during the ninth season of the series. Likewise, Estes is now more comfortable in his role.

In 2018. Will Estes did an interview with a Pittsburgh CBS affiliate. During that interview, he talked about his character’s engagement and promotion. At one point, he discussed how that promotion changed things for both his character and the overall story of Blue Bloods

Will Estes on Jamie Regan’s Promotion

The interviewer opened that topic by saying, “Will, tell us about the dynamic with your father, Tom Selleck, on the show now that you’ve been promoted. Has that changed things for you two?”

Will Estes said, “Yeah. It’s been really fun to get promoted on the show because it was kind of a dynamic changer, kind of game-changer, for a while.” However, he said that it had a downside. The worst part, he said was that he and his on-screen fiancée Eddie Janko couldn’t ride together as partners anymore. Luckily, he said, she was able to transfer to his precinct so they could still share screen time together.

Will Estes added that having Jamie and Eddie together in the same precinct is important. It allows them to show the dynamic of working together as well as having a relationship. Showing the nuances of a police officer’s life and relationships, he said, is one of the strengths of Blue Bloods.

Jamie and Eddie got married before the beginning of Blue Bloods’ tenth season. That seasoned opened with them navigating the waters of married life. Those first few days of marriage can be a combination of bliss and complication for anyone. However, the newlywed Reagans had the added stress of working a dangerous job. Like working together while engaged, this union added to the family drama that makes Blue Bloods so popular among fans.