‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Described His Thoughts on Weaving Current Events into the Show

by Quentin Blount

Have you ever wondered why certain shows like Blue Bloods didn’t play out COVID-19 in the show? Will Estes can help us figure out the answer.

Will Estes, of course, is known nowadays for his starring role as Jameson “Jamie” Reagan in Blue Bloods. In the show, Jamie Reagan is an officer for the New York City Police Department. He is the youngest son of the police commissioner, Frank Reagan. Frank Reagan is played by Tom Selleck.

The show also features a slew of other big-time names in its cast. Some of those include stars like Donnie Wahlberg who plays Danny Reagan, and Bridget Moynahan who plays Erin Reagan.

But it was actor Will Estes that sat down with Pop Culture for an interview back in 2020. He was asked about how the cast and crew tackled the coronavirus pandemic in the show.

“Are there any references to more recent events other than the coronavirus that has come into the show?” an interview asks Estes.

“Yeah, I didn’t know up until the last sort of hour whether or not we were going to play COVID in the show. And then we found out, ‘Oh, we’re not going to play it.’ And initially, I thought, ‘Wow, are going to do service to what’s going on with current events? Is that going to be a loss?”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Believes the Show ‘Best Served’ Its Audience

There is most certainly a fine line between referencing real-life current events in a fictional television show. And Blue Bloods star Will Estes says most people tune in to the show to get away from everyday problems.

“But I also think that people tune into ‘Blue Bloods’ to see these stories. And I don’t want to use the word escape, but I think ‘Blue Bloods’ for some people is a place that people can go. You know, we have this family dinner scene that is so important to the show and to the fans. I think people want to see ‘Blue Bloods’ and I think it might be really nice for the audience to see the show without the pandemic. And so that’s the choice that was made.”

If you are a fan of the show, you have noticed that no one is wearing masks. And while that may be the case when they are shooting, Estes says everyone is masked up behind the scenes.

“We are not playing that the pandemic never happened,” he continued. “We’re basically playing like six months past. We’re not wearing masks on the show, and so on and so forth. We obviously are wearing masks behind the scenes. But we’re not doing that on the show. “

“…I think the benefit to that is that people will get to tune in and see ‘Blue Bloods’ and step away from some of the difficult things that are going on in our everyday lives right now,” Estes continued. “I think that might be the best way that we can serve our audience.”