‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Told Hilarious Story About Being Mistaken for a Cop in Times Square in ‘The Talk’ Interview

by Keeli Parkey

On the popular CBS family cop drama “Blue Bloods,” actor Will Estes plays Jamie Reagan. The character is a Harvard law graduate who decided not to practice law but instead become a New York City Police officer like his grandfather, father, and brothers before him.

Estes has been a key player in the show since it debuted on the network in 2010. And, he is expected to be a key player when “Blue Bloods” returns for its 12th season on Oct. 1.

While he offers a convincing portrayal of an up-and-coming NYPD officer on the show, there was at least one time where Will Estes was mistaken for a cop in real life. He talked about this situation during a December 2012 interview on another CBS show – “The Talk.”

It was then-host Aisha Tyler who brought up this subject during the interview. She asked: “Have you ever actually convinced anybody in real life that you were a real cop?”

Estes then went on to recount a situation that involved him being in costume while he was filming an episode of “Blue Bloods” in one of the most popular locations in New York City.

“Um, you know I was standing on the corner once near Times Square and two men came up in suits,” the actor recalled. “And I know because of sort of what I studied on the show, that they were detectives.”

Seeing what they presumed to be a fellow law enforcement professional, the detectives asked Will Estes for information about what was going on.

“And, um, one of them said, ‘Let me ask you something. I want to ask you something.’ Something, I think he was asking something about the shoot or whatever else,” Estes said.

A Small Detail on the ‘Blue Bloods’ Costume Worn By Will Estes Led a Detective to the Realization That the Actor Was Not a Cop

However, one of the detectives quickly realized that Will Estes was not actually a police officer.

“And, the other one said, ‘He’s not, he’s not a police officer,'” the “Blue Bloods” star recounted.

So, what made it clear to this one detective that Will Estes was no in fact a member of the NYPD? According to what the actor said in 2012, it was a small detail on his costume.

“I was watching this happen – but this is them talking to each other. And he goes, he goes, ‘What are you talking about?’ And he goes, ‘The collar brass,'” Estes recalled.

The actor then described this detail of his costume.

“Right here on the collar is, uh, on the show we have a 12 and that means the 12th precinct,” he said. “Well, there is no 12th precinct (in New York City in real life). It’s kind of like 555, you know, for a telephone number for a television show.”

The “Blue Bloods” actor said one of those detectives left a positive impression on him.

“And, I immediately knew who the better detective was,” Estes shared must to the amusement of the hosts of “The Talk.”

You can watch Jamie Reagan actor Will Estes talk about “Blue Bloods” on “The Talk” below. His story about being mistaken for an actual New York City Police Department officer begins around the 4:45 mark of the interview.