‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Revealed Hilarious White Lie He Told in Auditions on ‘The Talk’

by Amy Myers

Blue Bloods star Will Estes admitted to the women of The Talk that he has a dirty little secret. Back when he started his career in acting, he used to lie about who he was. Thankfully, his deception paid off as he now portrays NYPD officer Jamie Reagan on the CBS hit crime drama. Always the charmer, Will’s smooth attitude and dashing good looks probably didn’t hurt his chances either.

Back in 2012, Estes joined the hosts of The Talk for a short chat about his acting career. This, of course, was back when Sharon Osbourne still sat at the roundtable. In this episode, she happily seated herself beside the Blue Bloods star. As Estes entered the set, the women in the audience and on stage all seemed thrilled to have him.

“Just a lot of women here,” Osbourne said before giving the camera a cheeky grin.

According to the Blue Bloods star, in previous auditions, producers and directors assumed that he was related to another successful actor, Rob Estes. Best known for his roles in 90210 and Melrose Place, the other Estes also appeared on a crime series–CSI: Miami. Despite the fact that Will Estes shares no relation with Rob, he shyly admitted to the women of The Talk that sometimes, he wouldn’t correct people about the assumption.

Of course, the women of The Talk had to know more about the piece of gossip.

“You guys do kind of resemble each other,” one host commented.

But, as it turned out, Estes didn’t let the deception last very long. Estes reported that he would tell producers that Rob Estes was his father, but he didn’t acknowledge Will as his son. Just as the shock of the information would wash over his audience, Estes would reveal he was only joking.

Estes Once Ran Into His ‘Father’ At an Audition

While on The Talk, Will Estes admitted that the white lie was really only to entertain himself and producers. But one time, the Blue Bloods star almost found himself in trouble.

During an audition, his so-called father, Rob Estes, was there before one of his auditions. The seasoned actor ended up sitting next to Will Estes. The Blue Bloods actor couldn’t help but tell him the story.

“He thought it was funny, too. I was really glad about that,” Estes said, wiping his brow for effect.

The Talk host Sara Gilbert also mentioned Will Estes’ early acting years. He had a starring role in the show, The New Lassie, which was a children series, adapted from the original film. The Blue Bloods star played Will McConough, Lassie’s new owner and best friend.

Back then, the young actor was only 11 years old and went by his birth name, Will Nipper. Later in life, he adopted his stage name, Will Estes, which ironically would be the source of his admitted “white lie.”