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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Revealed if He Has Plans to Expand Beyond Acting

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

He’s known for his role as Jameson “Jamie” Reagan in the hit CBS series Blue Bloods. But that seems to be all that Will Estes wants in his entertainment industry career – for now at least.

During a 2021 interview with Glitter, the Blue Bloods star discusses his acting career and if there are any other aspects in the entertainment industry that he’s interested in.

“I’m only interested in acting right now in terms of the entertainment industry,” Will declares. 

Prior to joining Blue Bloods in 2010, Will Estes took various roles on other TV series. Which includes Full House, It Had to Be You, Boy Meets World, Kirk, and The Secret World of Alex Mack. While sharing more details about his acting career so far, Will stated, “It was an option in my life offered up from [New York City] itself. It chose me more than anything else.”

Will Estes Share Details About His Journey on ‘Blue Bloods’ 

Also during the interview, Will Estes discusses his journey on Blue Blues since it began in 2010. “It’s been a blessing,” Will declares. He calls himself grateful to call the show “home” for the past decade. Estes then says that Jamie has evolved from rookie to veteran and now to sergeant. “And the synergistic creative process between actors and writers continues to make Blue Bloods what it is,” he continues. 

When asked how he compares Season 1 Jamie to Season 11 Jamie, Will says he would use descriptive words like young, hopeful, idealist, and naive to describe season 1 of his character.

“In season 11, I would use words like experienced, capable, humbled, and persistent. I think he’s funnier now, too.”

Will Estes also says he finds a compliment from a Blue Bloods crew member to be both the most honest and infrequent. “They aren’t easily impressed from that ground floor vantage point.”

Will Estes Discusses ‘Blue Bloods’ On-Set Relationships

In regards to the relationship between Blue Bloods characters, Jamie and Eddie, Will Estes admits he did not like the idea of the duo ending up together.

“I never wanted them together. I hated the idea and I thought it would be the end of the storyline. We would be missing the lesson.” 

After a while, Will says he got used to the relationship. He then reveals he and Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie on Blue Bloods, are close friends. “Vanessa is one of my favorite things about Blue Bloods. We are fast friends, we laugh all the time between takes. We have an incredible shorthand, and I love her.”

Blue Bloods will be premiering its 12th season this upcoming fall on CBS. Those returning to the cast along with Will and Vanessa are Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, and Len Cariou. CBS has yet to announce the official season premiere date.