‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Reveals If Cast Has Big ‘Family’ Dinner Like Reagans Do

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Bobby Bank/GC Images)

Do the folks behind Blue Bloods have the same sort of family dinners as the Reagans do on the show? Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case, according to Will Estes, one of the stars of the program.

Estes said, “We don’t really have time. Everyone sort of has a different schedule. Some of us will go out of town on the weekends to be with family and whatnot. But we have on about three occasions unless they’re all doing it without me, which is possible. But, as far as I know, it’s not happening on any regular basis.”

This makes sense. While the cast may ply a family on television that has time to do big family dinners, the situation is not the same in real life. Folks just don’t have the same amount of time to pull of that sort of thing consistently, which is not a surprise. This is a difficult task to expect an entire cast to spend hours and hours working on the show and then following that up with dining with one another after the show. It is already hard enough to get every cast member in the same place at one time to shoot, expecting them to also spend a lot of time off-screen with one another was always going to be a stretch.

On the flip side, it is nice to know that the Blue Bloods cast values time with their own families, as Estes points out that while they don’t get together all that much with another, three instances he says, are for good reason. It looks like they spend their free time back home with their own families.

Estes on Working with Tom on ‘Blue Bloods’

Estes spoke at length with Looper where he also said of working with legendary actor Tom Selleck, “It’s awesome. You know, it’s funny, Tom isn’t that different than the commissioner. He is really so professional. He’s so studied. He knows his character inside and out, and he does a lot in small ways to architect the scenes that he’s in. You come on set and you know you’re working with somebody who’s very well studied and very professional and executes time and time again, every scene. So you need to be on your toes when you work with him, which makes it a lot of fun.”

The Selleck from Blue Bloods you see on the small screen appears to be the same guy Estes sees off-screen. While they may not have a multitude of family dinners, it is clear the cast is a family-like atmosphere in terms of how they help one another and how seriously they each take their roles on the long-time CBS drama.