‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Reveals Favorite Storyline from the Show

by Madison Miller
Photo: CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Will Estes plays the determined and heroic cop, Jamie Reagan, that slowly worked himself up to the sergeant position on the popular procedural drama “Blue Bloods.”

The CBS series is currently on its 12th season and also stars Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Len Cariou. Other shows see a heavy fluctuation in cast, “Blue Bloods” has been able to hold onto the same core members.

This makes the show that much more believable, seeing as it all follows the very tight-knit Reagan family.

Will Estes Favorite Storyline

Recently, Will Estes had an interview with Looper regarding all things “Blue Bloods.”

From working with larger-than-life personalities like Selleck and Wahlberg to spending so long playing the same character, Estes had a lot to say.

He was asked to look back on his experience on “Blue Bloods” to pick a favorite storyline arc. Given he’s been on the show so long, Estes had a rather broad answer.

“Anything I get to do with Donnie, and it was fun to get promoted [to sergeant]. So I’ve just been having fun with that. The stuff I really loved was in the very beginning, when I got to research my brother’s death and try to find out what happened to him. He was murdered by crooked cops. So that was a really fun storyline, and just anything I get to do with Donnie and Vanessa Ray,” Estes said during the interview.

While the Reagan family is the core of “Blue Bloods,” there was once a fourth sibling. Joseph Reagan was killed off 15 months into the series. He was an NYPD police detective that was murdered by corrupt cops after investigating the “Blue Templar” organization.

Working with a Wahlberg

Estes also expressed extreme fondness over getting to work with Donnie Wahlberg, his big brother on the series.

“It’s probably as much fun as I’ve ever had as an actor … Whether we’re fighting or getting along, it’s always a blast working with Donnie,” he said. Estes explained a recent episode where Jamie Reagan is assigned to keep Danny Reagan safe after a hit gets put on him. As the big brother, Danny isn’t thrilled with that.

It’s no surprise that Wahlberg is one of his favorite people to be around on and off the set. He’s known for his larger-than-life personality and charismatic attitude toward fans. Will Estes said that the two are always joking around on set and having fun, even on particularly gruesome days.

“He just completely engages with people. It’s really incredible. I almost didn’t know you could do that before I saw Donnie do it. But, you know, he’ll go out and talk to people and he’s friends with them and he’s one of the most engaging people I’ve ever seen with his fans,” Estes said.