‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Said Tom Selleck ‘Embodies the Role of the Patriarch’

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to someone playing the fatherly role on “Blue Bloods,” then star Will Estes could think of no one better than Tom Selleck.

Estes, who plays Detective Jamie Reagan on the CBS police drama, talks about Selleck in a 2020 interview with Daniel Levine of PopCulture. Levine informs Estes that he’s spoken with other “Blue Bloods” cast members about Selleck and they always say how giving of an actor he is on the show.

When asked about Estes’ experience with Selleck, the actor said, “The same, yeah.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Can’t Imagine Show With Anybody Else In Role

“You know, more than being just a great actor and great to work with,” Estes said. “He’s just, he’s perfect, I can’t imagine ‘Blue Bloods’ with anyone else obviously at this point. He is ‘Blue Bloods.’

“[Selleck] is also the best, I think, he embodies the role of the patriarch more than anyone else I’ve ever worked with could,” Estes said. “He architects scenes. He’s full well capable of producing, directing, editing, and doing all those things.

“His expertise, knowledge, and professionalism to this show [is] in ways that make it better every time he puts his hands on it,” Estes said.

Frank Reagan Actor Is Not A Newcomer To Television Series

Selleck is no newcomer when it comes to television series. Classic TV show fans know he played private detective Thomas Magnum on “Magnum, P.I.” for eight seasons. This show, though, has allowed him to be at the head of the table. Literally and figuratively speaking, of course.

He plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, father of Jamie and a number of other Reagans on the CBS drama. “Blue Bloods” will start its 12th season this fall. Expect the Reagans, once again, to gather around the dinner table and discuss matters of importance.

Among those who you might see at dinner time include Bridget Moynahan [Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan], Len Cariou [Retired NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan], Donnie Wahlberg [Detective Danny Reagan], and, well, Estes too.

Wahlberg Made Sure Moynahan Was Part Of The Show’s Cast

Moynahan almost missed the “Blue Bloods” bus. She took a pass on the show. Wahlberg kind of said, “Not so fast, my friend.”

“We have a great friendship,” Wahlberg said. He added that he and Moynahan worked together previously on a 2008 pilot Wahlberg executive produced.

“When the ‘Blue Bloods’ offer came along, I immediately called her,” he said. “I said, ‘You have to play the sister.'”

Moynahan, at the time in 2010, was dating NFL quarterback Tom Brady. She was concerned that the show would be filmed in Canada.

Wahlberg talked to Moynahan and told her he could almost guarantee Selleck would not agree to film in Canada.

“He will fight to do it in New York because he wants it to be authentic,” Wahlberg said of Selleck. Guess who won the battle for staying in New York City? Selleck. Then, of course, Moynahan agreed to do the show and she’s been a part of the cast since Day One.