‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Said Working With Tom Selleck Is ‘A Treat Every Day’

by Joe Rutland

Pardon Will Estes of “Blue Bloods” if he pinched himself every day that he walked on the set to work with Tom Selleck on the CBS drama.

Estes, who plays Sergeant Jamie Reagan, talked about being in the same show with Selleck, who plays NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan.

“He’s incredible,” Estes said during a 2012 appearance on the CBS talk show “The Talk.” “He’s such a professional and he’s so studied. He knows his character so well.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Said Co-Star Is Good At What He Does On Show

“[Selleck] could write, produce, and direct that show and he maintains he just wants to act in it,” Estes said. “But, you know, when you work with him, you can just see how good he is at what he does. So it’s a treat every day.”

Classic TV fans know Selleck from his time as private investigator Thomas Magnum on “Magnum, P.I.” He also played Jesse Stone in a number of films revolving around that character.

Estes and Selleck are among the “Blue Bloods” stars who have been with the show since Day One. Others include Donnie Wahlberg [Detective Danny Reagan], Bridget Moynahan [Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan], and Len Cariou [Retired NYPD Commissioner Henry Reagan].

“Blue Bloods” gets going for a 12th season on CBS starting Oct. 1. The network made the announcement earlier this week.

Len Cariou Called His Shot For TV Role Years Before It Happened

Speaking of Cariou, he shared an interesting story about being a young actor and going to Hollywood to find work. It only turned him back toward Broadway.

In 2020, Cariou shared it during an interview with “The Stratford Festival”. 

“When I was a young guy, I went to L.A. every season, you know, for pilot season, sure, and I couldn’t get arrested,” Cariou said. “So, after I’d done that for about four years I said to my agents, I said, ‘OK guys I’m gonna have a career in the theater and when I’m 70, I’ll do a television series, and you can get your money from me then.'”

Cariou said they said, “No, no, no, no, don’t be ridiculous.” He told them, “Sorry, but that’s what I’m gonna do.”

He did it, too. Yet as the hand of fate would have it, just beyond turning 70 he gets a script from his agent. Yes, sir, it was for the pilot of “Blue Bloods.” Cariou was ready for it.

As icing on the cake, Cariou said, “It was a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Now Henry sits at one end of the table, offering wisdom when needed on the hit CBS show.

Cariou even had a chance to show off his singing chops in one episode. He teamed up with co-star Sami Gayle [Nicky Reagan] for a talent show at her school. Grandpa managed to help out Nicky with a little song-and-dance routine.