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‘Blue Bloods’: Do the Stars Really Drink Beer During Family Dinner Scenes?

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/FilmMagic)

During the regular Reagan family dinners featured at the end of each episode of the hit CBS series, “Blue Bloods,” the food is always plentiful. As is the beer, for many of the Reagan family adults. 

To the viewer, the Reagan family enjoys one meal together each episode. However, for the actors of the popular police-drama, one supper takes many, many takes. 

This begs the question, do the actors actually drink beer during the filming? 

According to a recent article in “Looper,” the “Blue Blood” actors are not downing beer after beer at each shoot. 

According to the “Looper” article, one fan took to Twitter to get to the bottom of the mystery of what is inside those brown bottles.

The fan asked “what’s really in that bottle,” noted the fan on Twitter. The fan also tagged “Blue Bloods” star, Donnie Wahlberg. The Tweet also featured a screengrab of Donnie Wahlberg’s “Blue Bloods” character, Danny Reagan holding a bottle of beer. 

“Blue Bloods” Alcohol Consumption Is Way Lower Than It Seems

The “Blue Bloods” star quote-tweeted the curious fan. Answering the question with what “Looper” calls a “real buzzkill of a response.” 

“Water, usually,” was Wahlberg’s response. 

The exchange brought many responses among “Blue Bloods” fans on Twitter.

One observant fan noted that the brown bottles are not the only sources of drinking on the show. 

Some members of the Reagan family are known for sipping on a glass of wine or two during the fan-favorite dinner scenes.  

According to the online article, one fan asked, “What about wine bottles?” Before offering an answer to the question. “Grape juice?” 

Wahlberg responded to this question with a simple affirmative. “Yup,” the “Blue Bloods” star said. 

According to Looper, this tactic is not a new one in Hollywood. 

The outlet noted that the Reagan family isn’t the only cast “faking” their way through enjoying a couple of drinks on screen. 

“According to Business Insider, substances like carbonated tea and even a special, ultra-low alcohol beverage called “Near Beer” are regularly used to keep performers capable of acting in drinky scenes while keeping both eyes open at the same time,” “Looper” reported.