‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Will Estes and Vanessa Ray Revealed Hesitation to Jamie and Eddie Characters Relationship

by John Jamison

Historically, arcs come to an end after the characters fall in love and settle down. How many movies end with the guy getting the girl? Or vice versa. So when Will Estes and Vanessa Ray heard that “Blue Bloods” wanted them to get together romantically, they were understandably pretty worried.

After all, the “will they or won’t they” trope is often the most compelling dynamic between flirtatious characters. Once they “do” or “don’t,” all the fun is taken out of the device. Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko had that dynamic going in spades when they first met.

As a rookie out of the police academy, Vanessa Ray’s Eddie Janko was assigned to Will Estes’ Jamie Reagan as his partner. For the first few seasons of the show, that’s all they were. Of course, the foundations of a potential relationship were clearly visible. But it wouldn’t be until Season 4 that “Blue Bloods” began to lean into it.

Throughout this period from Seasons 4 to 8, the two became flirtatious, dating occasionally. They were constantly aware of how dangerous a romantic relationship could be to their working partnership, however. But in the end, the two go together, and “Blue Bloods” hasn’t looked back.

At the end of Season 9, Eddie and Jamie finally got married. But it wasn’t a very welcome occurrence at first.

“There was pushback because we thought, If you put us together, then where do we go from there?” Vanessa Ray told CBS Watch! in 2019.

“Once they got together, the story was over. The anticipation is so much better than the monster—that’s what Hitchcock taught us. So we were nervous about what it was going to mean once we were together,” Will Estes added in the same interview.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Couple Has Overcome the Historical Romance Trap

Any fears Will Estes and Vanessa Ray had about their characters riding off into the sunset because of their romance are long gone.

“But now we’re having more fun than ever. We have this incredible secret that we have to hide in our precinct, and nobody can know—but everyone knows,” Vanessa Ray continued in the interview.

Now, 12 seasons into the “Blue Bloods” run, Jamie and Eddie are just as central as ever. Their relationship has actually provided opportunities for plenty of fun and gripping moments. Chief among them was the first time Eddie got invited to a Reagan family dinner as a prospective member of the family.

The scene finds the Reagans playing a prank on Eddie, much to Jamie’s dismay. The embarrassment quickly turns to pride, however, as his significant other stood her ground and earned the respect of the entire family all at once. You can watch it below.