‘Blue Bloods’ Star Steve Schirripa Talks with ‘NCIS’ Star Emily Wickersham About Working with Each Other on Her First Job

by Samantha Whidden

Blue Bloods star Steve Schirripa and NCIS actress Emily Wickersham took a stroll down memory lane on Monday (September 13th) as they talked about working together on the set of HBO’s hit series The Sopranos.

During a recent episode of the Talking Sopranos podcast, Steve Schirripa chatted with Wickersham about her role as Rhiannon Flammer, who was a friend of A.J. Soprano. She appeared in four episodes between 2006 and 2007. 

During the chat with Schirripa, Wickersham admitted that the part was really an eye-opening experience. “The Sopranos was kind of a crazy experience for me,” she explained. “I didn’t grow up acting. I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I think if I was aware of all that now, I don’t think I would have got the part.”

Steve Schirripa played Robert Baccaleri Jr., aka Bobby Bacala. He was originally one of the soldiers before becoming a top aid to Corrado “Junior” Soprano. He also became a capo and eventually Tony Soprano’s brother-in-law. 

On Talking Sopranos, Steve Schirripa, along with co-star Michael Imperioli host the re-watch podcast. The duo follows the hit series episode by episode. This gives fans more of an inside look as well as behind the scene stories and little-known facts. 

Steve Schirripa Shares More Details About the ‘Talking Sopranos’ Podcast

During a 2020 interview with GQ, Steve Schirripa discussed the podcast and how he prepared for it.

“I’ve never listened to one moment of a podcast. I tried to listen to a very popular one and I couldn’t last 60 seconds. Nothing against them, it’s just.”

Schirripa then described himself as very impatient when it comes to podcasts. He also didn’t want to copy what other people do or how it works. “So I’m just doing my own thing. I’m not a podcast. I have a flip phone for Chrissake.”

When asked if rewatching the series made him reconsider how he previously saw any of the characters or plot lines, Schirripa said, “Now that I’m older, I understand the Melfi stuff much more. The psychiatrist’s office. I understand and like it more. Not that I didn’t like it, but I very much understand it better.”

In regards to what episode he is looking forward to, Schirripa answered Pine Barren. The episode gave him and Imperioli bigger roles in the show. But he admitted there was a series of errors.

“It wasn’t supposed to snow there. We talked about Tony Sirico [who played Paulie Walnuts] not liking the pillows in the hotel up at West Point where we were staying.”

The Sopranos is a crime drama television that follows Tony Soprano (played by the late James Gandolfini) who is a New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster. He tries to balance family life while being a leader of a crime organization. The show ran for six seasons from January 1999 until June 2007. It had a total of 86 episodes.