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‘Blue Bloods’ Teases One Character Will Need to Face ‘Reality’ in Upcoming Episode

by Leanne Stahulak
Pictured: Will Estes as Jamie Reagan, Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko, Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan, Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan, Andrew Terraciano as Sean Reagan, Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Everyone needs a good reality check every once in a while, including the characters of “Blue Bloods” on CBS. But which character, in particular, will be facing reality when the show returns on Dec. 3?

The short answer: We don’t know. CBS has yet to release an episode description for Episode 8, “Reality Check.” The new episode won’t air this week due to Black Friday, but the show returns in one short week on Dec. 3. But we have just a few ideas of who it could be talking about.

At the end of last week’s “Blue Bloods” episode, viewers saw Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) “claim” she was done thinking about running for Manhattan District Attorney. But her father Frank (Tom Selleck) told her something that might’ve changed her mind.

“Sometimes an emphatic ‘no’ is the last step you have to take before jumping in with both feet,” Frank told Erin at the Reagan dinner table. Several family members seemed to agree with Frank, nodding along.

So, could Erin be the one facing a reality check? She’s been wishy-washy about running for the entirety of “Blue Bloods” Season 12, and this could be her wake-up call to just do it. She could be facing reality and accepting that she could and should run for the position.

But Matt & Jess Carter see a different angle to the episode title. The TV bloggers think that no major character absolutely needs a reality check next episode. So instead, they hypothesize that Frank will give a reality check to someone at the precinct. Maybe we haven’t met them yet, or it’s a member of Frank’s “Dream Team.” Either way, they see a new conflict rising up that forces a low-tier character to face reality next episode.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Mixed on Last Week’s New Episode

Despite Erin making a (supposed) monumental decision at the end of last week’s “Blue Bloods” episode, several fans weren’t impressed.

On Reddit, one user asked all the “Blue Bloods” fans out there what they thought of the new episode. The consensus? It was kind of eh.

“Good episode but where were Jamie and Eddie? They had no storyline and no scenes except at the rushed Sunday dinner at the end. Vanessa Ray is so beautiful, missed seeing her out and about,” one user commented.

They continued, “Why did Frank transfer Detective Reddick – because she did such good work? Reddick made an exciting addition to the team. Had she stayed on board, there probably would have been plenty of more head-butting between her and Sid, which would have made for some compelling drama.”

These are all fair points, and several fans agreed in the thread. What did you think of the latest “Blue Bloods” episode, Outsiders?