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‘Blue Bloods’: These New ‘Allegiances’ Formed In Recent Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. ©2022 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Everyone’s teaming up on the new “Blue Bloods,” from Erin, to Frank, to old favorites Danny and Baez. Season 12 episode 14 aired on February 25, and the hour was full of interesting cases.

First, Frank went to investigate a shooting at Tony Danza’s house. Danza guest starred on “Blue Bloods” as Lieutenant Raymond Moretti, a cop who claims he was shot at in his home. Frank assigned him a protective detail until they caught their perp. Turns out, Moretti’s son Vincent was into drugs, and a gang shot up his house in retaliation for Vincent messing with them. Frank knew that Moretti being an outstanding cop didn’t make up for him covering up his son’ illegal activity, but he still had a difficult decision to make.

Still, Frank was hard on Moretti, claiming that it was Vincent’s fault he was shot. But Moretti stuck by his son; not condoning his actions, but he couldn’t just throw his kid under the bus. “What would you do if it was one of your boys?” he said to Frank. Good point, but all of Frank’s sons are cops; I doubt they’d be getting into those situations to begin with.

Meanwhile, Erin and Joe Hill team up when Joe overhears defense attorney Deanna Parker, whom he had a romantic entanglement with, on the phone telling someone not to show up for trial. Joe goes to Anthony with the confidential source as proof of witness tampering. Anthony wanted to go to Erin with the information, but Joe didn’t want to be involved.

Eventually, Anthony took Joe to see Erin in order to get more information out of him. Erin claims she has to “do things by the book,” saying that if Joe knew her at all he’d know that she follows the rules. “I guess I don’t really know you,” Joe replies, which breaks my heart because they’re family, after all.

New Allegiances Form on Recent ‘Blue Bloods’

During all this, Baez drags Danny to a taping of her favorite TV show, but when the two go backstage, they find the host of the show dead. It wasn’t their case, but Baez was still determined to solve it. Turns out, the host died from eating nuts she was allergic to. It was the co-host the whole time, who pointed the cops in all different directions. There’s some good old-fashioned Baez and Danny teamwork going on here.

Elsewhere, Eddie found out she got a near-perfect score on her Sergeant’s exam; she also teamed up with the detectives at SVU to work a case undercover. An old friend from the academy outed her as a cop at the club she was scouting and blew her cover before the case barely started. SVU pulled Eddie off the case. When Jamie surprised her with a celebratory dinner at home, Eddie admitted that she didn’t even want to be a Sergeant, that she only took the test to prove herself beyond the shadow of being Jamie’s wife. She loved being out in the field and wanted to stay a detective.

At the end of the episode, Erin took Joe to a bowling alley in order to bond. They got along well, even though Joe was a little surprised, as he tends to be on the quiet side. But, Erin wanted them to get to know each other better. This “Blue Bloods” episode was full of little moments of teamwork, and finding out where allegiances lie; within other people, but also within themselves.