‘Blue Bloods’: This Friday’s New Episode Has Us Concerned About Eddie

by Megan Molseed

As Blue Bloods fans prepare for the second episode in the hit CBS drama series’s twelfth season, there are a lot of questions we are waiting to be answered.

What will happen with Erin Reagan’s case that seems to implicate her boss in a cover-up? Or Frank Reagan’s battle with the New York City mayor Pete Chase as the crime rate continues to rise?

Another question that fans are now asking as teasers for the upcoming Blue Bloods premiere titled “Times Like These” is: what is going on with Eddie? And, should we be concerned?

It seems New York Police Department Sergeant Jamie Reagan’s wife, Eddie Janko is keeping some secrets in the Blue Bloods Friday, October 8 premiere as the couple addresses “times like these.”

What Is Eddie Hiding?

In Friday evening’s episode, Jamie begins to catch on to Eddie’s unusual comings and goings. And, Jamie begins to worry as he imagines the secrets his wife may be keeping.

According to some recently released teasers for this upcoming season 12 episode of Blue Bloods, Eddie has been lying to her husband about where she is headed in the evenings.

And, Jamie is catching on.

A ‘Blue Bloods’ Teaser Photo Brings Up A Lot of Questions

In the recently released teaser, Eddie, who is portrayed by Vanessa Ray, is seen in a photo having what looks to be a pretty intense conversation with her husband while on the streets of New York.

Clearly, Eddie is headed somewhere mysterious at night. But, where she is going, why she is going there, and why she is keeping these secrets from her husband?

Is Eddie hiding something big from her husband, Jamie?

Or, is the New York City Police Officer simply sneaking off to try some new hobby? Perhaps a class of some sort? Or, is this something bigger? Something for which Jamie Reagan should be worried about?

Maybe Eddie Janko is working on an undercover case? Putting herself in a precarious position…and hiding this from her husband so he doesn’t worry?

This is certainly plausible with such a dedicated officer as Janko.

However, the teaser photo does show that Eddie Janko is wearing her wedding ring while she speaks with Jamie on the street.

And, the chances that she would wear that while undercover are probably pretty low. Well, it’s very likely, unless the ring is a part of Eddie’s undercover identity.

All of these pieces are extremely intriguing.

However, longtime Blue Bloods fans know that the answer isn’t likely to be overly controversial.

The Jamie and Eddie storyline is certainly a fan-favorite so the chances showrunners will give the two something major to deal with are pretty slim.

Maybe whatever is happening is pretty unimportant, but Jamie Reagan’s uncertainties are making him worry. I mean, as we all know no relationship is perfect. Even one that seems perfect such as the beloved Blue Bloods “Jamko” (Jamie and Janko) pairing.