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‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Described Character’s Biggest Challenge as ‘The Weight of the World on His Shoulders’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

In the popular family cop drama “Blue Bloods,” Tom Selleck plays a character with a lot of responsibility and pressure in his life. That character is New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan.

In his personal life, Frank is a loving father, grandfather, and devoted son. He follows in his own father’s footsteps in that regard. His father is Henry Reagan (Len Cariou), a former NYPD commissioner himself. The two men share a home and Frank does all he can to make sure his father is happy and safe.

Also, the character of Frank Reagan in “Blue Bloods” is the father of four children – Joe, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), Erin (Bridget Moynahan), and Jamie (Will Estes). All three of his sons went into the family business – law enforcement. Erin didn’t stray far from that path – she became an assistant district attorney.

In addition to his responsibilities to his family, Tom Selleck’s character has even more on his plate. Because of his job as the NYPD police commissioner, he is responsible for the tens of thousands of men and women who serve in the NYPD. He is also responsible for the safety of the millions and millions of people who call New York City home.

To say that this is a great stress on Frank would be an understatement. Throughout the 11-year run of the series, Frank has fought to protect the men and women under his command in many situations and in a variety of ways. It’s likely that fans of the series will get to see him continue this when the show’s 12th season premieres on Oct. 1, 2021.

Tom Selleck Said ‘The Windows Into’ His Character on ‘Blue Bloods’ ‘Are Very Small’

However, this is a stress that he does all he can to keep to himself – or to a very close circle of coworkers. One of the interesting aspects of “Blue Bloods” is that fans get to see Frank’s worry and how it takes a toll on him. This is something that his fellow NYPD officers do not get to see.

Walking this tightrope is one of the many qualities Tom Selleck brings to “Blue Bloods.” And, he talked about this during a 2011 interview with Variety.

“The audience can see that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but the people under his command can’t,” the famous actor shared. This, according to the article, was the “biggest challenge”

Also during the interview, Selleck said that his character on “Blue Bloods” is not open book by any means.

“The windows into a character like this are very small,” he said.

One element in the show’s production that helps Tom Selleck portray his character on “Blue Bloods” is the costumes he wears. The clothing items chosen for him are meant to remind viewers of his connection to the past and his consistency as a character. As fans are aware, Frank Reagan is often seen wearing blue and red ties to accompany a three-piece suit.

“Our costumer said, ‘Isn’t that going to get a little repetitious?’” Selleck also recalled. “I said, ‘No. They’ll be different red and blue ties.'”