‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Explains What His Iconic Mustache Means to Him in 2017 Interview

by Brandi Stillings

“Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck’s iconic mustache created a signature look for him over the years. His famous facial hair is also considered by many to be one of the most celebrated mustaches in Hollywood. Since his “Magnum P.I.” days of wearing Hawaiian shirts, the stache has followed Selleck throughout his successful career.

During a 2017 interview, the actor appeared on the CBS series “The BUILD.” Filmed before a live audience, the show focuses on some of today’s biggest names in entertainment, fashion and business. It first aired in November 2017 and is more prominent on their social media accounts.

When it comes to Selleck and his mustache fans want to know more. After all, it’s gained substantial popularity over the years.

Selleck explained exactly what the mustache means to him in the YouTube video of the interview.

“Well, it meant a job on “Blue Bloods,” he said jokingly. “The director said maybe you can play this guy without a mustache. I said sure I was born that way.”

In response, the host of “The BUILD” suggested Selleck could’ve very well been born with a mustache. Then, Selleck admitted that he’s played roles without his facial hair.

“I do work without it,” he said. “I would recommend ‘In & Out’ as clear evidence I have an upper lip.”

The host proceeded their discussion by asking Selleck additional questions about the notable ‘stache.

“When did you first know that (the mustache) had caught on, and what did you feel at the time?”

Selleck goes back to his earlier years with his ‘stache as an actor during the 1980s.

“After Magnum I think I went ‘oh my gosh!’ I’m going to live with mustache questions for the rest of my life, he recalled.

Believe it or not, Selleck’s mustache has achieved its own notability. Featured on the daytime TV show “The Talk,” he made a funny remark about his mustache needing its own agent. He also revealed CBS producers restricted Selleck from ever shaving it off while on “Blue Bloods.”

The well-known stache even has its very own twitter account @StacheOfSelleck!

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Removes Mustache for Specific Roles

Although, it’s nearly impossible to imagine the actor without one. “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck actually took roles that required him to shave. Most recognize Selleck from either “Magnum P.I.” or “Blue Bloods” wearing the famed crumb catcher.

However, as Outsider previously covered, Selleck shaved his mustache in 1992 to play Jon Aldridge in the movie “Folks!” His role in the movie is a man who takes in his parents after their home was destroyed in a fire. What seems like a good idea at first, it later reveals plenty of problems with the family.

He’s also removed his facial hair in the No. 1 hit movie “In & Out” that turned out to be widely popular.