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‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Noticed One of His Most Important Traits in a Costar

by Quentin Blount
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There’s no denying that Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck has been around the block a time or two during his day in the film and television industry. As a result, he has learned to pick up on one important trait that he noticed in one of his fellow co-stars.

76-year-old Tom Selleck has enjoyed an extremely long and successful acting career. Most fans will remember him from his time playing private investigator Thomas Magnum on Magnum, P.I. in the 1980s. But nowadays, Selleck stars as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the police drama Blue Bloods. The show follows Reagan and his acclaimed family. His son Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is a seasoned detective on the force. His daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan), on the other hand, is the Assistant District Attorney in New York County.

As of this writing, there are currently 11 seasons available for views to watch. And to add to the excitement, Blue Bloods was renewed by the network for a 12th season back in April.

So, at 76 years old, and having spent the majority of his life in the acting industry, we know that Tom Selleck understands what it takes to be successful in the business. With all of that experience, it turns out Selleck narrowed down an important trait that certain actors have — the ability to make scripts better.

Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg Work Together to Make ‘Blue Bloods’ Script Better

One of the people who possess the ability to do improve a working script is Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods co-star, Donnie Wahlberg. And Selleck is a sharp man, he caught on to that pretty quick.

“Tom’s a real solid individual,” Donnie Wahlberg told CBS in a 2019 exclusive interview.

Walhberg explained that after the pair had watched the pilot for the show, Selleck approached him. Wahlberg thought he may be offering him some advice at first. But it turns out that he was paying him a compliment.

“After we watched the pilot, he said to me, ‘I’m really good at making scripts better,’ and I thought he was going to offer me, ‘So if you need help, come to me.’ But That’s not what he said. He said, ‘I notice that you are too, and I’m going to count on you to keep running through walls and do what you do for the run of this show.'”

Of course, Donnie Wahlberg being the man that he is, simply replied, “I got your back.”

“And I said, ‘I’m there, man, I got your back,'” Wahlberg recalled. And that’s been our relationship ever since.”

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