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‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Once Said He Was Happy Show Didn’t Film in Toronto

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage)

Location, location, location. Apparently, the same rule for real estate applies to shooting TV dramas—that is, according to Blue Bloods actor, Tom Selleck.

According to CTV News, there was a chance that the hit crime drama series would be filmed in Toronto instead of New York. However, the show’s star quickly persuaded the producers to reconsider. In 2010, Selleck told reporters at a press tour that Toronto is “lovely” but “different.”

Why Selleck Thinks New York Is the Better ‘Blue Bloods’ Location

Tom Selleck plays New York police commissioner Frank Reagan in the eleven seasons yet of Blue Bloods. The show focuses on the Reagan family in which nearly every member is a part of or works with the police department. In 2010, when Selleck received the starring role as the Reagan patriarch, producers weren’t shy about the fact that Selleck was a big part of their show’s pull.

“Tom Selleck is a big draw. We want people to watch that series,” CBS programming president Nina Tassler said.

This is exactly why Selleck had a say in the show’s location.

“Look,” Selleck said during the press tour, “it’s difficult for me to argue that shooting a show about New York won’t be better shot in New York.”

Looking back at how the show has progressed, it is difficult to imagine filming Blue Bloods anywhere else. As CTV News puts it, it’s almost as though the city is a character, too. What is really comes down to is the culture and nuances of the location.

Because of New York’s diverse population and attractions, the crime and issues that the characters of Blue Bloods deal with is unlike any other city. A world of its own, one street does not have the same problems as the next, which forces the Reagan family, whether a commissioner, officer or lawyer, to be on their toes and cater to all types of communities.

While Toronto may be a lovely place, as Selleck described, it may not provide the grit and drama that New York does.

Selleck Has History Filming in Canada

Although Tom Selleck clearly favored New York for Blue Bloods, he filmed across the border in the past for other projects.

For his lead role in Jesse Stone, Selleck ventured to Halifax, Nova Scotia to film.

“I love Halifax,” Selleck said. “There’s so much history there and so much tradition. The people are really interesting and tough.” Selleck also recalled how the crew worked in short sleeves during a particularly cold week.

While Selleck seems sure that New York is the right choice for his current TV drama, he is not without appreciation for its runner-up, Toronto. Perhaps it was Canada’s cold weather that kept Selleck and the show south of the border.