‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Once Revealed When He Wants to End the Series

by Jennifer Shea

“Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck knows that the hit TV show can’t last forever. And he revealed in an interview what trajectory he envisioned for the show.

In an interview with TV Insider last year, Selleck said he could see doing at least two more seasons of the show. But he wasn’t definite about ending things there, saying “the potential [for character development] is limitless, in my opinion.”

Asked if he would like to “end the series on a high note” at the 15-year mark, Selleck seemed to suggest that he could indeed see an endpoint to “Blue Bloods.” He also hedged a bit, however.

“I’m negotiating with CBS about next season,” Selleck said. “I’d like them to order two seasons. We can do much betters shows if we know where we’re going. This show has lasted because the characters have been allowed to grow and change. The potential is limitless in my opinion. The cast seems to love each other; I sure love them. The actors are doing phenomenal work. Everybody’s very much aware that this is maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity—a show that’s found its way and is welcomed by an audience. I’m ready to go back when it’s okay to start again.”

Selleck Says He Never Gets Tired of ‘Blue Bloods’

In a post-Season 10 interview with Parade last year, Selleck confessed that he never gets tired of working on “Blue Bloods.” His only complaint? The cross-country commute from Los Angeles to New York.

“I love the show,” Selleck said. “Magnum I never tired of, but I got tired from it, though. I was in every shot. But this show, the only thing I’m tired of is the commute. I live in Los Angeles, that’s where my family is; my wife, my daughter. I will continue to commute.”

Moreover, Selleck is proud of the work that they do on “Blue Bloods.” He sung the show’s praises to Parade, starting with the strength of the characters and also including the family dynamics and the overall drama.

“Here’s what I think is so good about this show,” Selleck said. “No. 1, we’re a character-driven show. No. 2, we’re a family show. Family in the broader sense of family, it’s not The Waltons. The biggest jeopardy in our show, I’m convinced after 10 years, is anything that threatens the relationships in this family. That’s where the real drama and tension is. So, if you drew a theme around the show, and you could, it’s really about family in the broader sense, and threats to the status quo of that family.”

And with “Blue Bloods” renewed for Season 12, there will be more ensemble drama and Reagan family dinners on the way soon.