‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Selleck Reveals the 3 Reasons the Show Has Lasted So Long

by Jonathan Howard

While talking with Rachael Ray recently, Tom Selleck talked about Blue Bloods right from Frank Reagan’s desk and why it is so successful.

When it comes to crime drama on TV, Blue Bloods has some of the most dedicated fans. There’s a good reason for that, too. Shows don’t just last 12 seasons or more because they are alright. This show has something going for it. It has tapped into a fanbase and now has a formula and style that those fans love.

While speaking with Rachael Ray, the TV personality, Selleck was asked why he thinks the show has been on so long. He has a lot of experience in TV and movies. So, he would know what makes a show stand out from others. Those things that take it from good to great.

“Well, what has always worked for me, or what my appetites are… they go to the words, ‘character-driven shows’. So, [Magnum P.I.] was a character-driven show. I don’t remember half the plots,” Selleck said as the host laughed. “Way less than half. And when I saw this [Blue Bloods] script, it was character-driven in an age when there’s just so many procedurals on.”

“We’ve got great actors, great characters, and good writing, that’s why it’s still on. Because I’m sure not bored with it,” the actor concluded.

Blue Bloods has its anchor with Selleck. If he isn’t ready to give up on the show, then the show must go on.

Brand New Episode of ‘Blue Bloods’ Tonight!

If you are a Blue Bloods fan then I know you’re excited about tonight. If you aren’t… I don’t know why you are reading this, but what’s up? The show returns with a new episode tonight on CBS at 10/9c. And, it appears that Baez is getting her investigative skills a flex. Danny is going to be there to assist, of course. The two are the best partnership on the show and look to continue that in the newest episode.

CBS is always teasing out clips and photos. Gets the fans excited and ready to watch the new episodes. And, when there is a lull in between, keeps them engaged. The latest was a sneak peek of Baez explaining that she needed to trust her gut. Danny does it all the time, so why can’t Maria? It looks like she is ready to go all-in and that means she has to have support. Her partner is going to have to help her or this could end up being awkward.

Check that video out here, and make sure to check out a new episode of Blue Bloods tonight. The Winter Olympics made the wait seem so long, but finally, we are back to regularly scheduled programming. How about it, folks?