‘Blue Bloods’: The Tragic Death of Frank Reagan’s Brother

by Megan Molseed

“Blue Bloods” fans know well that while the Reagan family has an intense bond. However, they also have their share of tragedies. Since the show’s premiere in 2010 fans of the top-rated CBS television series have learned of many “Blue Bloods” family members who suffered one tragic fate or another over the years.

From wives to mothers, to grandmothers. Or uncles, sons, and brothers, the “Blue Bloods” family has suffered many losses over the years.

As a result of these tragic deaths, audience members have been introduced to some highly important members of the Reagan family tree. Even though they have never seen them on screen.

Some of these losses such as Frank Reagan’s late son Joe are mentioned often. Others we have heard only little about. And, this is just a part of what the popular police procedural does so well. Much of the information fans would like to know of these characters is delivered in pieces. These happen during conversations among the show’s players. Little moments of remembrance between one character and another.

However, other characters, while important to the storyline in their own fashion aren’t mentioned quite as often. Such as the case of Peter Reagan, son of Henry and Betty, and Frank’s older brother.

A Tragic Death

Peter Reagan was the oldest child of Henry and Betty Reagan. He passed away tragically at just eighteen months old. Leukemia took his life way too early. The fact that Frank has an older brother wasn’t revealed immediately in the series.

The storyline, however, bonded Henry and Frank even more, as they both struggled with the tragic loss of a son.

It is mentioned in the series, that Frank’s mother, Betty, decided not to have any more kids. This is said to be due to the grief after the tragic death of Peter. As a result, Frank is the couple’s only living child.

The Important “Blue Bloods” Characters We Will Never Meet

The “Blue Bloods” Reagan clan is headed by Henry Reagan, Frank’s father. Henry is grandfather to Frank’s children, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), Jamie (Will Estes), and Erin (Bridget Moynahan). His other grandson, Joe, was killed in the line of duty before the show’s start.

The son of Frank and his late wife Mary Margaret, Joe Reagan was a member of the NYPD Warrants Squad. Joe was murdered when he learned his partner was part of a corrupt gang of NYPD officers.

Henry’s wife, Betty, passed away in 2001. Henry talks about her often during episodes of “Blue Bloods.”

Another character fans have gotten to know, but have never met is Frank’s late wife, Mary Margaret. She passed away in 2005 about five years before Joe’s untimely and tragic death.