‘Blue Bloods’: Upcoming Episode Looks Like an Ominous One for Baez and Danny Reagan

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In the next episode of Blue Bloods, things might not go well for Maria Baez and Danny Reagan.

Before we get into the details around Danny and Baez, we need to talk about the overall episode. This one is going to center around a cyberattack. This is no laughing matter. The NYPD is getting a team on this to figure out what happened and who is behind it. As for the two partners, they are going to have to cut someone loose.

In a photo from the upcoming episode, it looks like a shootout might have happened. Baez is on her knees in front of a door with at least 10 bullet holes in it. Danny looks to be standing over a suspect. This one does not look promising for Baez and her partner. Whatever is going on in the apartment, this episode is going to test these two characters.

Details on the episode show that Baez is still questioning her place at the NYPD. She clearly isn’t sure if she is doing what she wants to with her life. The Blue Bloods character has been around a long time. Law enforcement is demanding and grueling work. It seems that something is bound to send her over the edge if she doesn’t resolve her feelings soon.

In fact, the feeling around Baez is so cloudy and unsure, some fans have wondered if she is going to make an exit from the show. Perhaps an undercover assignment is in her future?

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate Baez’s Future With Show

Fans on the Blue Bloods subreddit just aren’t sure what to think about Baez. One fan has picked up on a few things and is wondering if she is on her way out. So, they did what anyone would do and posted about it on Reddit. Other fans weren’t sure if they agreed with the theory. Others were all-in on it.

“May just be me, but doesn’t it seem like we’re seeing less and less of Baez? I kind of get the feeling she is going to leave the show. Tbh I think a new partner for Danny will freshen things up a bit.”

While there were many negative responses, that might just be fans feeling attached to the character. There is a lot of evidence suggesting at least a brief exit from the show. She isn’t in as many episodes as usual, her character is debating her future with the NYPD, and the actress herself has expressed a desire to move back to California. That could be a major factor.

While fans debate on social media, there is only one way we will figure any of this out. That is by waiting for the next episode of Blue Bloods and hoping that there is some resolution soon.