‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray’s Charity Work Has a Touching Backstory

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

It’s Thanksgiving time here in America, which means it’s a time for reflection and appreciation. It’s a time to think about others, too, which is what Blue Bloods star Vannessa Ray does with her charity work that just the most touching backstory.

Ray works with a charity that works with young actors out in Northern California. The camp is called Young Actors Theatre Camp. She mentioned that she got started with them when she was between work at the time a decade ago. She fell in love with the charity and the rest is history. It was also something she always wanted to get involved with dating back to her childhood.

Ray told Long Island Weekly, “It’s really wonderful. I actually worked for them when I was between jobs about 10 years ago. They just get incredible actors who donate their time to work with kids who just love the arts. When I was a kid, I would have loved to be apart of something like that. Young Actors’ Theater Camp is very special place and I really look forward to them being able to open their doors again hopefully this summer.”

It was clearly a major moment for her to be able to give back and work at this particular camp. It sounds like there is optimism that the camp will reopen next year, which you hope to see.

Vannessa Ray on Her Character on ‘Blue Bloods’

Ray plays a fan-favorite character in Eddie on the show, as you Blue Bloods fans already knew. Fans love to talk about her relationship with Jamie Reagan. There is even a name for the duo and it’s “Jamko”. The couple first found love while they were partners together on the force. It blossomed into something more and they married but they no longer are partners on the force, but they are partners at home.

Does Ray like the direction her relationship has taken with Jamie over the years? She said, “What I like is that Eddie and Jamie are from different worlds and they have always seen things very differently.” Opposites attract, as they say. This divide in how they see the world is how the two come together as a unit.

She continued, “They’re not afraid to challenge each other. They kind of push each other’s buttons and they force each other to see things differently. While they argue or disagree a lot, I hope that the audience sees it as love and respect that they have for one another.”

This is something fans of Blue Bloods see all the time on the program. These two lovebirds butt heads a lot. However, they agree on a lot, as well, as Ray points out. Like any marriage, things are not always perfect, but fans love Jamko all the same.