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‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray’s Eddie May Have Some Explaining To Do in Intense Preview for Episode 2

by Keeli Parkey
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The second episode of the 12th season of “Blue Bloods” will air tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 8) at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. And based on a preview one of its stars shared there is some real tension between two of the characters in the popular drama.

That star is Vanessa Ray. She plays New York City Police Department officer Eddie Janko. As fans of the series are aware, Eddie is married to Jamie Reagan. He also works for the NYPD and he is one of the sons of NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck).

On Thursday, Oct. 7, the 40-year-old “Blue Bloods” actress shared a preview clip from the upcoming episode. Based on the clip, things in the Janko-Reagan household are very tense – to say the least. The preview clip begins with Jamie Reagan sitting on the couch at home watching football.

Eddie walks into their living room and informs Jamie that she is going out. She will be “quick” and only gone for “a couple” hours. Clearly, Jamie is somewhat irritated by the news.

“Soul Cycle takes two hours?” he asks from their couch. A somewhat defensive Eddie then responds with, “I’ve got to get there. Change. And them come back,” she says as she is looking at her mobile phone.

Jamie isn’t convinced by her comments. He then reminds her to take a needed piece of equipment with her. “Alright. Have fun. Don’t forget your cycling shoes,” he says.

‘Blue Bloods’ Preview Shared By Vanessa Ray Raises Questions About the Relationship Between Eddie and Jamie

This comment sends Eddie into another room to get the shoes. Before she goes, she puts her phone down. Jamie then takes the opportunity to quickly look at what she has on her phone. What he finds are texts between Eddie and someone named Barry. “Are you coming tonight?” Barry asks in a message. “Yes. Leaving now,” Eddie had responded.

To viewers of this “Blue Bloods” preview clip, Jamie is clearly upset. Eddie either doesn’t notice or pretends not to notice. He then asks her to stay home with him, but she refuses and leaves. That is how the clip ends.

What could be going on with Eddie? Actress Vanessa Ray even commented on the issue. “That ponytail has some explaining to do,” she posted to Instagram

You can watch the “Blue Bloods” preview shared by Eddie Janko actress Vanessa Ray below. Don’t forget to tune in to the Oct. 8 episode to see what happens between the couple and the rest of the Reagan family.

The tension between Eddie and Jamie in the “Blue Bloods” clip was noticed by someone who knows both of them well. That person is Jamie’s brother Danny Reagan. Well, it’s actually Donnie Wahlberg – the actor who plays Danny.

Wahlberg had some thoughts in response to the preview clip Vanessa Ray shared on Instagram. “Yo!!! WTH!!!??!! Is Eddie cheating on Jamie? If not, then why the heck is Jamie snooping in her phone?!?! I’m so confused and troubled by this scene,” Wahlberg shared.

Luckily, fans only have one more day to wait to – hopefully – find out what is going on between the couple they often refer to as “Jamko.”