‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Explains How Show Worked with Guest Stars Amid 2020 Regulations

by Samantha Whidden

Prior Blue Bloods’ latest season finale this past spring, Vanessa Ray opened up about how the hit CBS series worked with guest stars during the pandemic regulations. 

During her interview with Long Island Weekly, Ray opened up about how the Blue Bloods handled all the restrictions during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“A scene is so collaborative and everyone has their thoughts and opinions, so it’s hard when you’re trying to talk about a scene and you have masks and shields,” Ray explains. 

Ray also says that everyone on the Blue Bloods set was shouting so that they could be heard through their coverings. “That part was a little tricky, but some of the fun things were that a lot of people were able to be seen more in the episodes that have never seen before. Because casting directors were able to se a lot more actors, they could get through sessions a lot faster.”

The Blue Bloods star further states that the crew had a ton of people who had their first guest stars on the show. “That’s always fun because they were exciting,” she recalls. “They didn’t know they were going to get a job in the middle of a pandemic.”

Ray then says that the Blue Bloods cast rehearsed the scenes with masks on and they didn’t get to see the guest stars until the cameras were rolling. She remembers shooting a scene where Eddie and her partner Witten are pulling some kid over and she asked for a license and registration.

“I look at the guy’s face on the license and I say, ‘He looks familiar’ and I finally look at the actor and it’s this kid Jimi Stanton who was just in Your Honor.”

Ray Opens Up About the Relationship Between Eddie and Jamie 

During her interview with Long Island Weekly, Ray opens up about the relationship between Blue Bloods characters, Eddie and Jamie. “What I like is that Eddie and Jamie are from different worlds and they have always seen things very differently. They’re not afraid of each other,” Ray explains. She also says that the duo like to push each other buttons and force one another to see things differently as well.

“While they argue or disagree a lot, I hope that the audience sees it as love and respect that they have for one another,” the Blue Bloods star states. 

Ray Talks About How ‘Blue Bloods’ Addresses Police Reform and Black Lives Matter Throughout the Latest Season

In regards to how Blue Bloods addressed police reform and Black Lives Matter throughout the latest season, Ray says, “We would be doing a disservice to our fans and to law enforcement that respects our show if we didn’t tackle those issues. Being a beat cop is interesting because you’re in it – you’re in the streets.”

Ray then explains that even talking to real-life law enforcement on the streets of New York City has been super insightful and actually a blessing. “We had to come at the situations where we play heroes on our show, and we’re playing people who love their job and being a part of law enforcement.”

The actress then goes on to add that the Blue Bloods cast had to be honest and have uncomfortable conversations and the show is better for it.