‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Hopes Fans Celebrate Valentines Day ‘However the F You Want’

by Amanda Glover

Based on actress Vanessa Ray’s recent social media post, I don’t think she’s too into Valentine’s Day. Is anyone with her on that, Outsiders? *Raises hand.*

In the “Blue Bloods” actress’ recent Instagram post, the comedically shares her disdain for Valentine’s Day due to its true meaning. She also mentions how she grew up in a “cool Christian household” where her family watched many “cool Christian movies.” The actress goes on to discuss how religion ties into Valentine’s Day.

Towards the end of her video, Vanessa Ray states that this day doesn’t necessarily have to be celebrated with canceled plans, flowers, and chocolates. She claims that this heart-plastered day should be celebrated “however the F you want!”

However, while posting, she mentions her husband, Landon, just came home. I wonder if he shares her feelings for this pink and red-colored holiday.

Many followers in her comments excitedly agreed with her. They’re also fans of Ray’s energy in this video. One fan wrote, “V, you are so adorable, and beautiful too! I’ll be your valentine today if you want. The fact is I don’t have one and I think you fit the part perfectly! Have a wonderful day.”

Well, Outsiders, maybe you share Vanessa Ray’s dislike for Valentine’s Day or you maybe you don’t. The video is still quite entertaining though. But sadly, we can’t provide chocolates or flowers for you guys.

These days, millions know actress Vanessa Ray as Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko on the hit CBS crime drama, “Blue Bloods.” But if you’re an OG fan like me, you know her as CeCe Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis on “Pretty Little Liars.” The role even won her a Teens Choice Award for Best Villain in 2015.

Before playing a cop, CeCe, Ray’s first identity on the popular Freeform television show appeared in 2012, one year before we met Officer Janko. So, Outsiders, you might be asking yourselves why Ray played two different people on “Pretty Little Liars?” Well, long story. But, I’ll sum it up for you guys.

When fans first met Vanessa Ray on the show, they met Cece Drake. What we didn’t know until years later is that the name “Cece” was just an alias for the character’s real name: Charlotte.

But wait, there’s more! Charlotte was actually born as “Charles” before becoming Charlotte. Once everyone found out she was the one stalking, torturing, and threatening the 4 main characters, Charlotte was institutionalized for 5 years. However, when the show returned after fast-forwarding 5 years, fans find out Charlotte was murdered off-screen. The end.

If anyone wants to catch Vanessa Ray in “Pretty Little Liars,” sadly, the show came to an end in 2017 after 7 seasons. However, it’s on HBO Max!