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‘Blue Bloods’: Vanessa Ray Likes to Boogie Down with One Particular Costar on Set

by John Jamison
Photo: Best Available Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

We’ll give you one guess as to who it could be. He’s been on Blue Bloods since the beginning, was unmasked on The Masked Singer, and performs to this day with a little first-wave boy band you may have heard of—they go by New Kids on the Block. Ringing any bells? Who could Eddie Janko actor Vanessa Ray possibly act a dancing fool with on set?

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time watching Blue Bloods, the answer is likely apparent by now. Donnie Wahlberg is a true renaissance man. He’s musically talented, is a great actor as Danny Reagan on the hit CBS series, and no founding member of a boy band would be caught dead with two left feet.

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Vanessa Ray has a blast with Wahlberg between takes. The pair are fiends for a tune and a jig.

“There’s a lot of singing and dancing when Donnie and I are working together because we both like to sing and dance a bit,” Ray told Josh Maloni of Behind the Screens in 2014.

She described the two of them as having “tap-dancing” personalities.

Most of the ‘Blue Bloods’ Cast Has Learned to Love Wahlberg’s Happy Feet

Join the club, Vanessa. The Eddie Janko actor is far from the first Donnie Wahlberg co-star to appreciate his ability to cut loose and turn the set into a dance floor.

“He always wants me to come see one of his shows in concert or on their cruise with fans.  So I will go see a show once in a while.  Donnie Is always singing and dancing on set!  He enjoys his time with the band and loves meeting his fans,” Wahlberg’s on-screen partner Marisa Ramirez told SUP Creative Group in 2017.

Even former cast members who have been away from the show for years remember Donnie’s dancing fondly. Blue Bloods fans will remember Jennifer Esposito as Danny Reagan’s partner, Jackie Curatola. She was a series regular from 2010-2012, appearing in nearly 50 episodes alongside Wahlberg’s character. Eight years after leaving the show, Esposito is still talking about how much of a delight Wahlberg was on set.

“One of the best people I’ve worked with. We had so much fun, I think (producers) needed to make us separate because that’s how much fun we had. We would be cracking up and dancing, like, right before a take, and then we’d be like, ‘So did you do it!?'” Esposito told Entertainment Weekly in 2020. “He was dancing all the time.”

Hey, the man has to stay sharp for his New Kids on the Block performances somehow. What better use of his time between takes than busting a few moves?